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Video Slot Games

You will always have plenty of choice in regards to just which types of slot machines you can play no matter where you choose to play them, however the most popular types of slots are those which have been designed as video slots. 

Video slot games are simply slot games which do not have the older styled mechanical stepper type reels, they instead use a screen as the way the slots display the reels, and when playing them you get the opportunity of playing lots of different pay-lines per spin and will always have plenty of different staking options available to you too. 

However, it is the fact that video slots use a screen to display the reels that enables slot machine designers to offer fully animated graphics on such slots and when playing them you are also going to find you could trigger all manner of unique bonus games and bonus features too. 

You will find these types of slot machines can and do offer unique reel symbols too such as expanding wild symbols, scatter symbols and bonus symbols, and when compared to the older styled classic slots and 3 reel slots you get a much more enveloping and entertaining slot playing session. 

Below we are going to be looking at video slots in a little more detail and enlightening you on some of the many additional features you will find attached and on offer to you when you do set about playing them, which by the way you can do for free or for real money at any of our featured casino sites! 

Bonus Games Video Slots Award 

One thing that does separate video slots from most other types of slot machines is that most of them are going to award you a bonus game at some point in time. There are free spins that can be awarded on many of them and that is simply a bonus game where you play off a number of spins at no cost which often come with a multiplier in play to boost the value of any spun in winning payouts. gold factory video slot

Some video slots offer a set of free spins as just one of their bonus games and will often offer player the chance of triggering a second bonus game too. 

Pick and win bonus games when triggered are going to require you to have to pick off different locations from the bonus game screen and by doing so you will win a cash prize for each location picked, or you may be able to continue picking off locations and winning cash prizes until you reveal a game over symbol. 

Pick and match bonus games are also attached and on offer on many slot machines and those require out to pick off locations form the screen until you get a matching set of the same symbols revealed to win the associated prize. Some video slot games will also offer you a wheel spinning type of bonus game on which cash prizes or other bonus feature can be awarded to you if they spin in! 

Pay-Line Playing Structures 

One important thing to keep in mind however is that when you do decide to play any type of video slot machines they will all have a different type of pay-line playing structure attached to them and on offer to players. 

As such you may be able to pick and choose just how many pay-lines you put into play, of the slot you have chosen to play may be offering you a fixed pay-line playing format and structure on which you have no control over the number of lines you have to have in play on each spin played off. 

Look out for the new All Ways structured slot machines for when playing them in exchange for a small number of coins you will have hundreds or even thousands of pay-lines or as they are know ways to win in play and those types of video slots do offer players a lot of value and the maximum number of ways to win per spin! 

You will however, no matter how many lines you have chosen to put into play or are forced to put into play, have the ability of altering the coin value settings and the number of coins you wager per spin when playing any type of video slot, so they are going to be suited to both low rolling slot players and high rolling players and everyone in between too! 

Jackpots and RTP’s 

There are both fixed coin jackpots on offer on video slot machines however there are also a lot of them which will be offering you a progressive jackpot when you play them, and as such you are always going to have the option of choosing a video slot that suits your playing style and will be offering you the size of jackpot you hope to win! 

Progressive video slot games will also boast one or more than one bonus game too so unlike the older styled progressive slots which have three reels and just a limited number of pay-lines, these types of slots will give you a very entertaining type of slot playing session when you do set about playing them. 

The RTP or payout percentage information you will need to look up when playing video slot games to find and locate the better paying ones that will return more of your stake money over the long term should not be too difficult to find. 

If you look at the websites of most casinos that any slot machines are on offer at then you often find that information listed there on the websites, however you may need to look at the help files of each individual slot to find out just how high or just how low the payout percentages have been set of you may need to flip through the pay tables of each slot, as sometimes that is where the RTP information can also often be found!

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