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Understanding Payout Percentages and RTP’s

As part of the process of designing  slot machines, any slot game designer is going to have to pay very careful attention to something known as the RTP of each slot, and that means Return to Player and is the all important payout percentage that each slot machine is aiming to payout to players over the long term. 

You may be aware that every casino card game and table game will have something known as a house edge which is the percentage of players stakes the casino is expected to win from players over the long term As such if you see a game f Blackjack for example offering a house edge of 1.50% then every £100.00 wagered on that game the casino, in theory is expected to win £1.50. 

However, a slot machine’s RTP is displayed as a percentage but the percentage is what a player is expected to get returned to them from all money played through a slot machine over the long term. 

So for example, if you see a slot game which is displaying a long term expected payout percentage of say 98% then every £100.00 wagered through that machine will see players winning £98.00. But, and this is important, that figure is over the long term so over shorter periods of time the exact payout percentage you achieve on one session can vary and be much higher or lower than 98%. 

The longer you play any slot machines the more likely you are to reach a point in time where you do get close to or even achieve, through your stakes and winning payouts, the payout percentage a slot machine has been set to payout to players. 

The Higher the RTP the Better! 

You could play two identical slot machines in two different bricks and mortar casinos and get two quite different playing sessions, and that is usually down to the fact all slot machines are completely random in their design so you could win when playing them or lose! cherry red slot

However, when playing slot games and slot machines in such venues you need to be aware that the casino operators are often easily and legally able to adjust the payout percentages each slot game plays out with, and as such you could play one slot machine in one casino that has a 90.00% payout percentage and play the same slot in another casino that as a payout percentage of 96.00%! 

It will however soon become very apparent to you if you are used to playing any one slot machine that has a high RTP if the one you are playing has been set with a low one, for you will not spin in as many winning combinations and the amount of play time you can get often be much shorter. 

As such it is important to ensure that you always find out in advance how high or how low the RTP’s have been set on any number of slot machines you are thinking of playing or are about to play and if they are not as high as they are in another casino, then head to that other casino and play there! 

Above Average RTP Slots 

It is not that difficult to find slot machines that are going to be offering you a playing structure and format that offers a higher than average payout percentages, for the RTP’s of most online and mobile slot machines will often be displayed on the websites of each casino or on the individual slot machine pay tables. 

Be aware that some of the low risk types of slot machines those being the low variance ones that you will have on offer to you in any playing environment can often come with a high RTP as can slot machines that are older is their design such as three reel and classic slot machines as well as some of the brand new all singing an all dancing video slot games. 

We have seen some slot games available in both the online and mobile playing environments that have been set to play out with payout percentages as high as 99%, and if you ever do come across such a slot machine then they are always going to be the ones you should settle down to play, to get more of your stake money paid back out to you as you play them! 

Single Session RTP’s 

If you are interested in finding out how to work out the payout percentage you have achieved on any one or more slot playing sessions then we would advise you to take a good look over our article dedicated to that very subject. 

For by doing so we will sure you just how easy it is to work out just what payout percentage you have achieved on any one slot playing session. Keep in mind that occasionally every slot player is going to end up playing as slot machine that has returned a very low RTP over one or more sessions, but if you are able to work out the RTP of that session and it has been very low you can often badger a casinos customer support at for a free bonus! 

Whether or not a casino site is going to award you with a compensatory bonus is of course up to the casino employees or manager, but they are going to be much more inclined to do so if you have worked out your RTP achieved on that poor paying session and it is low! 

The best tip of selecting a slot machine to play that will give you a much fair chance of winning is always to look for slots that have high payout percentages, and by high we mean over 96%! 

As the payout percentages can and do vary from slot to slot machine sure you do look up that information as there are lots of slot machines that do have very low payout percentages and you should never be playing them!

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