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Understanding Optional Pay-Line Slots

It was back in the days of three reel slot machines that some slot machine manufacturers decide to put in place on their slots a way for players to be able to put into play more than one pay-line per spin.  

Up until that moment in time players were faced with only being able to play Classic slot machines as they are known with just one single pay-line which was located across the middle of their three mechanical stepper type reels. 

When playing such a slot however, players could only activate three or five individual pay-lines per spin, however many of those types of slots offered players an incentive to activate more than one line per spin, as the jackpots that could be spun in on the higher numbered pay-lines had enhanced payouts on offer. 

It was with the introduction of video slot games that players had the ability to put into play a much larger number of pay-lines per spin, for those slots came with five video reels and therefore it was possible for the designers of those slots to offer dozens or even hundreds of optional pay lines. 

As the name suggests when you are playing an optional pay-line slot, you are given the option of putting into play as many or as few of the pay-lines on offer as you like. However, you do have to put into play at least one pay-line before you can send the reels spinning! 

How Many Pay-Lines Should I Activate? 

It is going to be determined by the types of slot machine you play as to just how many pay-lines you will be best off playing, for there are of course lots of additional things that slot games can and do offer players than can see maximum bet players getting more winning chances. flying circus slot

If you are playing an older type of three stepper reel slot games and there is no increased payout percentage on offer on those types of slots when playing all lines per spin and no enhanced jackpots attached to the high number pay-lines then it doesn’t matter how many lines you put into play as you will have just as much winning opportunities as when playing maximum line spins. 

However, if the slot machines you are playing have things such as free spins bonus game and expanding or stacked wild symbols then the more pay-lines you put into play the more chance of winning big you will have when either the bonus game is triggered or when sets of those wild symbols spin in and fill multiple reels with wild symbols. 

It is however always going to be the case when playing any type of slot machine the more lines you do have in play and activated the less of a chance you will have of spinning in a winning combination on a pay-line that you have not got in play, so keep that in mind when you do set about playing such a slot! 

What Bonuses Games Can Be Triggered? 

If you have never played optional pay-line slot games before or in fact any type of slot machine then you need to be aware that the vast majority of video slots may award you with something known as a bonus game at some point in your playing session. 

What you are usually required to see when playing such slots, the majority of which are of course optional pay-line slots, is a set number of scatter symbols spinning into view, or you line up on your chosen activated pay-lines a set of bonus symbols in a certain way. 

The bonus games that could be awarded to you can be varied however the most commonly triggered ones are a set of free spins. When triggered you will then be able to play of a number of free spins either chosen by the slot or by you and those spins will play off with the same number of lines you had in play on the triggering spin and the same stake levels too. All winnings achieved will be yours to keep. 

Other bonus games you should look out for which can be high paying ones are pick and win bonus game on which you select areas of the screen to be awarded with cash or pick and match type bonus games on which you have to reveal a set number of matching items when playing off that bonus game to win the corresponding cash prize for the matching items. 

Can I Play Optional Pay-Line Progressive Slots? 

There are some slot games which offer a progressive jackpot, and many of those games will give you the option of putting into play as many or as few pay-lines as you like. 

However, what is important to know when playing such a slot is just how the progressive jackpot or jackpots if there is more than one of them on offer can be won. You will often find on some of the older slots that to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpot or jackpots you are required to put into play maximum bet spins. 

That will see you being required to have not only the maximum number of pay-lines such a slot offers into live play but also to have the maximum number of coins wagered on each line too. Therefore if you only have a small amount of cash set aside to play such a slot with you will be better off selecting those which have low coin value settings on offer. 

You will however find a number of slot games and slot machines offering progressive jackpots that give you the chance of winning the jackpots at random and irrespective of the number of lines you have in play and also irrespective of the stakes you wager per spin, and as such those slots may also be the best type of games to play when you only have a small and limited slot playing bankroll available!

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