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Top Tips For Playing Online Slots

There are lots of different types of slot games available online, and for each type of slot there are a number of tips that we can pass onto you for how to play them optimally, which in turn will increase your winning chances.

As long as you remember that all online slot games are designed to be completely random, and therefore you never know when you are going to win big, so read on and do feel free to put some of the following slot tips to the test!

3 Reel Slot Tips – Playing 3-reel slot games online will call for a different playing strategy if you want to improve your winning chances, and the first thing that you should always do when playing these types of slots is look at how many pay lines are on offer.


Next take a look at the pay table of the slot, and if it is a single pay line 3-reel slot see if there is an enhanced jackpot payout when you play the maximum number of coins, and if so then the best way to play that slot is with maximum coins in play.

However, if the slot offers more than one payline, again take a look at the pay table and see if the highest numbered pay line has an enhanced jackpot payout too, and if it does then you will always need to play maximum line spins on that slot as by doing so you will always be getting the long term expected RTP on that slot.

Video Slot Tips – It will not surprise you to learn that the video slot games of which there are thousands available online get the most action from slot players, and there are a couple of tips we can pass onto you for playing those types of slot games.

The video slots which offer a bonus game triggered by bonus symbols that must line up on an activated payline are slots which you must always play with every single line offered on them in play and activated.

If you play fewer than the maximum number of lines, then every line you do not active on each spin sent into motion reduces your overall chances of triggering those bonus games as you can read on our homepage guide to! Also another tip worth knowing is that every single slot will have its own long term expected payout percentage.

You will find that information either on the casinos website, on the pay table or on the slot games help files. Make sure you stick to playing video slots with a payout percentage as high as you can, for the higher the payout percentage the more cash you will win back from the slot over your long term play.

Progressive Slot Tips – The final category of slot game which you may be interested in playing online are the progressive slot games, and there are going to be quite a number of them available to you.

One of the very best playing tips for progressive slots is in regards to when to play them to get a much better chance of spinning in the jackpot paying winning combination.

What you need to do is to find out the history of the previously won jackpots paid out on any progressive slot you are thinking of playing, and then finding out the average amount each player won.

Once you know the average payout percentage of any number of progressive slot games than all you need to do is to wait until the current jackpot on those slots is higher than the amount is it usually won at and start playing it then!

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