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Slots with Both Ways Playing Structures

If you have been looking around our ever growing website, it may not have escaped your notice that we do have a range of guides that have been compiled to give players a much deeper insight into the actual playing structures that are attached to a range of different slot machines. 

This guide is looking at a type of slot machine that you may just come across in any playing environment, but one that will give you twice the chances of forming one or more combinations when you play them, and usually there is no extra stake to be placed to double you winning chances either! 

These types of slots are known collectively as Both Ways slot machines, and when playing them the main difference between the way they play and pay is different to all other slots.  

When playing most slots you can only form a winning combination on any of your activated pay-lines from left to right on the screen and those winning combinations must line up starting on reel number one and the remaining matching reel symbols must be on consecutive pay-lines. 

However, when playing a Both Ways structured slot game you can form winning combinations from left to right but also right to left across the screen too! So if you, for example, have three matching reels symbols on reels five, four and three on an activated pay-line, and that winning combination is listed on the pay table as a winning one you will be rewarded with a winning payout! 

Bonus Bet Requirements 

Often you will find that some Both Ways slot machines are going to allow you to have that playing structure in live play for no additional cost, and as such you simply place on coin on each pay-line you want to have in live play and you will then have the opportunity of forming a left to right and right to left winning combination on each line activated. 

However, we have seen some slot machines that require you to place an additional bonus bet alongside your base game stake to have the chance of spinning in a winning combination either way across the slot game screen. 

If you do come across such slots then we would advise you to check to see if there is any increase in regards to the payout percentage on offer when you do place that additional bonus bet, if not then we would suggest out do not place that bonus bet if you have the option of not placing it and it is not a forced obligatory bonus bet! slots with both way playing structures

If there is no increase in the long term expected payout percentages when playing such a slot with the bonus bet placed, then it doesn’t really matter if you place that bet or not, you are still going to have the same RTP in play over the long term, and by not placing it you will then get more spins for your money but will have the exact same chance of winning on each spin you do play off! 

Double the Jackpot Payouts 

You may be wondering what happens if you are playing at Both Ways slot machine and you are lucky enough to line up a five of a kind reel symbol winning combination on any of your activated pay-lines. 

Well, if you do so then you will be paid out for the left to right winning combination but will also be paid out again for the right to left winning combination too and as such you will win that winning payout twice. 

That is also what is going to happen to you if you are ever lucky enough to spin in the jackpot paying winning combination on a Both Ways slot machines on any of the pay-lines you have chosen to put into live play, so if for example the jackpot payout on such a slot is 10,000 coins then when you do spin in that jackpot you will in fact be paid out 20,000 coins! 

Just keep in mind though that when playing such slots you should always try and have in place a playing strategy that allows you to be able to afford to play every single pay-line that is on offer on such slots, as that way you will have more chances of spinning in any number of winning combinations,. Playing for a lower number of pay-lines will reduce your overall winning chances so always play for maximum pay-line spins if you can afford to do so! 

Optimum Way to Play Both Ways slots 

With there being so many different pay-line playing structures that you will find on offer on slot machines available in any playing environment, you will be best advised to initially play as many slots as you can when you first sign up to an online or mobile casino sites to allow you to find the ones you like playing the most. 

Obviously if you were to do that in a real money playing environment you could spend a small fortune simply trying out those slots and then determining which ones you want to play on any additional playing sessions you have. 

However, the one main advantage of playing at an online or mobile casino site is that you can play their range of slot machines for free using demo mode credits and as such that is one of the best ways available to get used to each type of slot machines and then decide which ones you want to go on to play for real money. 

As all Both Ways slots and for that matter any other type of slot machines are completely random the best strategy to adopt is to simply locate the slot machine that have been set to return more of your stakes over the long term as winning payouts, and that will always be the slot machines which come with payout percentages higher than 96.00%, so be on the lookout for such slots and give them your fullest attention!

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