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Slots with Low Payout Percentages

No matter where you choose to play any type of slot machine there is one very vital piece of information that you should find out about a slot game that is going to allow you to judge instantly whether it is a game worth playing, or not! 

That is the payout percentage, and almost all slot machines will have that information displayed somewhere upon it. You should look at the screen, the pay table or on the help files for that information, if not displayed in any of those places take a look at the website of the casino you have chosen to play at. bush telegraph slot

You will then discover just how much of every player’s collective stakes that any slot machine is designed to return as winning payouts over the long term. But keep in mind that is a long term figure so the exact payout percentage you will achieve on one playing session will vary due to the randomness of each slot. 

There are however many slot machines that have been designed to turn to players some very low payout percentages, and as you are not going to get as many winning payouts the more you play those slots, they are slots you should never play! 

Below we are going to be looking at online and mobile slots that do tend to have the lowest payout percentages, so at least you will have an inclining of just which slots they are, once you have read this guide you should take a look at our guide to the higher paying slots, as the slot machines mentioned on that guide will be the ones you will get more winning payouts over the long term playing. 

Progressive Slots Often Have Low RTP’s 

You can often be tempted to play progressive slot machines in any playing environment, for with the sheer size of some of the jackpots on offer to players the like of which could turn you into an instant millionaire if you are very lucky enough to win one of them most players will be tempted to give them some play time when they come across such slots! 

However, as the way in which progressive slot machines have been designed and structured sees a small percentage of players stakes being used to feed the jackpot pools and that means that there is going to be a slightly lower than average payout percentage on the base game when you take the progressive jackpot element of the slot out of the equation! 

As such you will find that in regards to the amount of play time you can have when playing progressive slots, you often get a much lower number of winning spins due to the reduced payout percentages attached and on offer on the base game. 

However, if you are prepared to put up with some much lower payout percentages then you do have the chance of winning big when playing progressive slot machines via their respective jackpots! 

Video and 3 Reel Slots 

It can often be the coin denominations attached and on offer on video slot machines and also the older styled 3 reel slot machines that will have an effect on the actual long term payout percentages those slot games offer. 

If you are playing in a land based bricks and mortar casino then you will always often find that the slot machines that have attached to them the very highest coin value settings are going to be the slots on which you will find some much more generous and obviously higher payout percentages. 

However, that is not true in regards to when playing at an online or mobile casinos site for what we have found is that no matter at which coin value stetting you choose to play for the long term expected payout percentages on offer on those types of slot games available online and at mobile casino sites all tend to be the same. 

However, what some casino operators are able to do is to alter the long term payout percentages on their slots to one of several different values, and as such you should always make a point of finding out just how high or low the payout percentages are on any slot machines before you play them in any playing environment. 

Slots that boast a payout percentages of lower than around 96% are going to be giving you a low paying slot playing experience and your money will not go as far as when you set about playing slot machines with RTP’s higher than 96%! 

Ways to Get More Play Time 

If for whatever reason you do get the urge to play a slot machine with a low payout percentage, then make sure you make use of the varied casino bonus offers that many casino sites have on offer, as that way you are much more likely to get more play time from your bankroll! 

However, what you are sadly going to find that it will be the bonuses that give you the highest number of bonus credits based on what you deposit that will always tend to come with the highest play through requirements. 

As such even though you can often quite significantly boost the value of your deposits by making use of bonuses that are worth over 100% of your deposited amount, you are going to have to play through those bonus credits a large number of times before they do get turned into real money credits. 

With that in mind what you will be best off making sure of is that if you are thinking of claiming such a bonus is that there are going to also be no terms and conditions that will limit the amount of cash you can withdraw. 

Many high valued deposit match bonuses these days not only come with high play through requirements but you may also find that you can only withdraw a certain amount of cash when you win with the remaining credits being voided out by the casino site!

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