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Slots with above Average Payout Percentages

It doesn’t matter how good looking a slot machine may appear thanks to the theme of that slot, or what type of bonus games, reel symbols or even the size of the jackpot on offer, the one thing that will ultimately determine whether you will get more wining chances when playing any type of slot machine is just how high its payout percentage is.

As such, when you do sign up to any casino site the very first thing you should be doing as a savvy slot player is familiarizing yourself with the payout percentages that each slot machine has been set to return to players.

That information is required by law by some Gambling Commissions that license many online and mobile casino sites to be displayed somewhere on a slot machine or at the very least listed on a casinos website.

So if you are about to sign up to any casino site, you will be best advised to make sure you do have access to the all important payout percentages of each slot machine. If not then you will have no idea of which slot machines have been set with higher payout percentages, and could easily end up playing a range of different slot games with very low payout percentages.

If you do not look up and have access to that information then you may find you do not get much play time from your bankroll! To give you an idea of the slot machines available at different casino sites that do offer much higher payout percentages we have a listing below of the higher paying slot types, those being the ones with the highest long term expected payout percentages on offer on them!

New Slot Machine RTP’s

Look out for any brand new slot machines that are on any casinos gaming floors for there is going to be a very good chance that those new machines will be set with a higher payout percentage, however not all such slot machines will be set with higher than usual payout percentages!

The reason why any casino operator is going to boost and increase the initial RTP’s of any slot machines they make available to their players is to get players interested in playing them, and by upping the payout percentages players will then get more winning spins and could trigger more bonus games too.

Once a new slot machines has become established on any land based casinos gaming floor then the operator will lower the RTP’s back down to the one the machine is likely to play out with over its entire life, and as such there are benefit of playing the newest slot machine you do come across.

In regards to playing such slot machines online or at mobile casino sites however is that new slot machines rarely if ever have higher RTP’s than the ones they are going to play out with over the long term, as such casino operators do not have the capability of increasing the RTP’s. But finding out where the RTP information is displayed is fairly easy and we will be looking at that aspect of such slots below.


above average payout slots

Slots Located in High Traffic Areas

When you do decide to play slot machines that are inside a bricks and mortar casino, keep in mind that you are much more likely to find the slots offering the highest possible long term payout percentages will be located in the high traffic areas of such casino venues.

As such try and make a beeline to play the slot games that are near the elevators in such a venue or are facing any shops or dining venues or even the slot machines facing the comp club desks, as those slot machines may just have higher payout percentages.

The obvious reason why those slot machines will be set to payout more than most of the other slots on the gaming floors due to high payout percentages is that as those slot machines in high traffic areas are going to be seen much more often than other slot machines and by setting them to payout more other players will see them paying out and will want to play them or will be tempted to play them!

Often a casino will display the payout percentage of their highest paying slots on a huge sign above or at the side of such slots.

Also be aware that the higher the coin value settings and the higher the stake levels you play slot machines for can often see you benefitting from much higher payout percentages, so if you can afford to play for higher stakes then do so as that may just enable you to win more over the long term than when you play low stake slots!

Online and Mobile High RTP slots

More and more slot players are now playing their favourite slot machines and lots of slot games they have never seen or come across before on their mobile phones and mobile devices and also playing slot machines of every possible description and type at online casinos too.

The main reasons why they chose to play in those playing environments is that casinos can and do give away some massive bonus offers, and thanks to the way many of those bonuses have been designed a player can often boost the value of their deposit and their slot playing bankroll massively.

However, what you need to be aware of is that in most cases an online or mobile casino owner or operator has no way of lowering or increasing the payout percentages on any of their slot games, and as such the slot machines that are identical ones on offer in such sites tend to all offer the exact same payout percentages no matter where you choose to play them.

For information on which are best paying slot machines to play in either a mobile or online casino sites look over the casinos website, or the pay tables or help files of each slot as that is where the RTP information tends to be.

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