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Slot Machine Variance Explained

As soon as you start to research slot machines, you can often be put into a position where you wished you hadn’t done so! For there is often much more to a slot machine that just its theme and the jackpot on offer, and the way in which a slot machine has designed can often make it much more appealing to you than other slots.

One aspect of any slot machines design and play structure that you should familiarize yourself with is something known as the variance of the slot, for there are three different categories and types of variance on offer that every slot machine you will come across anywhere will fall into.

Variance is simply the way in which a slot machine has been designed to play out and the three types of variance are Low Variance, High Variance and Medium Variance.

When playing each of those types of slot machines you will find you either get lots of low paying winning combinations spinning in and forming, or you will get fewer lowing paying winning spins but get the occasional mega paying winning spin instead, or you could end up playing a slot offering more medium sized winning payouts than opposed to low and high ones!

So with that in mind we would suggest you spend a few minutes reading through this guide to slot variance, for by doing so you will then discover how to spot just how a slot machine has been designed and just what type of playing structure will be attached one each slot, and also which type of variance will be best suited to your own personal bankroll and playing style!

Low Variance Slot Machines

Many slot players will say they enjoy playing slot machines for fun and entertainment and if any large winning payouts come their way that is an added bonus! As such if you do want to play slots offering more play time through their design then make sure you pencil into your next slot playing session plenty of play time on low variance slots!

Low variance slots all share one similar thing, and that is they have been designed in such a way that as you play them there is a much increased chance that you will spin in lots of very low valued winning combinations.

That therefore means that your slot playing bankroll is not going to be eaten up as quickly as when you play either of the two categories of slot machines listed below as you will be recycling your stake money often, so that in turns means you get lots of play time when playing low variance slots.

One thing to keep in mind also is that if you have claimed a casino bonus offer and want to play slot games with those additional credits that will extend your play time even further then these are certainly the slots to play, and with some luck in playing you may find you have played through your bonus credits on a low variance slot enough time to then go on to cash out any winnings!

Medium Variance Slots

If you want slot machines offering a reasonable level of risk then it should be the medium variance slot games you choose to play, and there are going to be no shortages of those types of slot games on offer to you no matter where you choose to play!

It is the fact that when playing a medium variance slot machine you can still spin in a fair number of low valued winning payouts but the bonus games often found attached to such a slot can be high paying ones too.

So when playing any medium variance slots you will have the chance of winning some fairly large cash payouts but you will find you may not get as many very low winning payouts spinning in as when you set about playing the type of slot machines mentioned above those of course being the low variance slots.

The bonus games that can be triggered on a medium variance slot do tend to give you a much better chance of winning more cash then when playing low variance low risk slots, however they can often payout some low cash amounts too so keep that in mind!slots variance

High Variance Slot Games

You can often find yourself drawn into playing highly volatile and high risk slots which are going to be the ones that have been designed with a high variance playing structure and format, as those slot games will give you the chance of winning some mega amounts of cash often even when playing them for tiny stake amounts!

There are of course going to be some compromises to be made when playing high variance slots and those compromises will be that you do not get spinning in anywhere as near as many low valued winning payouts as you tend to do on both low and medium variance slots.

As such when playing any type of high variance slot you always need to be aware of the fact that on any session you have you do run the risk of having a very poor run of luck on which you hardly spin in any winning combinations.

However, the base game winning payouts and much more so the bonus game winning payouts on offer on these slot machines are the reason players do enjoy playing them, for no matter which high variance slot machine you set about playing you could spin in on one single spin a mega sized base game winning payout or trigger a bonus game that is going to be out big, in fact very big!

It is the stake level that you set any high variance slot game to play for that is important, for you are best advised to play them for much lower stake amounts than you usually play other slot machines for as that will enable you to play off more spins, and of which could turn out to be a huge or mega sized paying one!

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