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Slot Game Staking Options

You will be pleased to learn that all of the slot games and slot machines with the exception of a handful of progressive slot machines can be accessed and played at each of our featured casino sites for free, and as such you will be able to put any of them through their paces to see if you do indeed enjoy the way they all play and pay at no risk.

However, the real thrill of playing any type of slot machine does of course come when you set about playing them for real money, as by doing so all losses, and just as important all winning payouts are for real, and there is no getting away from the fact some slot machines do offer huge and even life changing jackpots to players!

One thing that is important through, if you are going to enjoy playing real money slots is that you do have a lot of choice in regards to the stake levels you can play for, and there are several different ways that you are going to be able to alter and adjust the stake values you play for.

It is often the pay-lines you choose to activate or are forced have in play on any slot machine that will initially determine the stakes you are playing for, however most online, mobile and bricks and mortar casinos offer multi-denomination slots.

As such you are not only often going to be able to adjust the number of pay-lines you can put into play per spin on a slot machine but you can also adjust the coin values you have in play and often you can adjust the number of coins you wager on each of your activated pay-lines too.

Penny Slots

The one thing to keep in mind if you do want to play penny slot machines, and there will be certainly more than enough of them available no matter where you choose to play, is that even though the coin values can be set at one penny the cost of each spin can vary depending on several different factors.

If you want to be able to play for one penny per spin then you will need to find not only a slot machine on which you can indeed set the coin values down to 0.01 but also a slot on which you can play just one single pay-line and have the option of playing just one coin on that pay-line too.

However, many modern day video slot games especially have a set minimum stake amount which depending on how the slot has been structured could see you being forced to wager 25, 50, 75 or even 100 coins per spin, so not all penny slots can be played for one penny.

The more pay-lines you do activate will of course increase the chance of forming one or more winning combinations when playing penny slots.

So if you can afford to do so consider putting into play every single line offered on any slot machine you like the look of and want to play as by doing so you will never miss out when a winning combination is spun in, which you could do when playing a low number of pay-lines per spin!

High Stake Slots

Most if not all slot machines you will come across online and at any mobile casino sites, of which a growing number of them are going live each week of the year, will offer you something known as a multi-denomination type of slot structure.

As such when you play such slots you can click onto the coin value settings button and then select a stake level that you want to play any slot game for. That does of course mean if you are one of our high rolling slot playing website visitors you will have no problems being able to play both online and mobile slot machines for some very high stake amounts!

One thing that you should however be demanding if you are a high stake slot player is the maximum rewards from the casino sites you choose to play at, and it is worth knowing that not all casinos sites do reward their high rolling players with lots of additional extras!

With that in mind we would suggest you compare just what each casino site you are thinking of playing at is going to be offering you and not only via their new player and ongoing bonuses!

What you should be looking for is a casino site that has a generous and very rewarding comp club or loyalty scheme in place, as that way whenever you do set about playing slot machines at such a site for high stake levels your gaming action will earn you additional extras!

Boost Your Bankroll with Casino Bonuses

What out should be doing as a regular real money slot machine player is putting together a strategy that will allow you to get the most fun and play time and of course the maximum winning opportunities from your gambling budget and slot playing bankroll.staking options

Whist a series of winning payouts or a jackpot win will always boost the value of your bankroll, before you start to even play there is one way you can boost the value of your bankroll and that is of course by making use of some of the many different casino bonuses available at different online and mobile casino sites.

However, never be initially tempted to make a deposit and clam the very first high valued bonus you come across for it is a well known fact that some of the most generous and high valued casino bonuses are not as generous as they appear once you read through the terms and conditions and bonus play rules.

Look out for bonuses with no player restrictions, no maximum cash out rules in place and always be looking to claim slot machine related bonus offers on which you only have a small play through requirement to achieve!

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