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Responsible Gambling

This section of our website is, we feel one of the most important parts of the entire site and as such we would encourage all of our website visitors to take some time reading through it and to digest all of the information contained upon it.

Below you will find information relating to responsible gambling, and whilst most players may roll their eyes thinking this is going to be a lecture in regards to always gambling within your means and playing for stake levels and with a gambling budget you can afford, we are going to be offering information on where any player can seek help and assistance if they feel their gambling is getting out of control.

Knowing Your Gambling Limits

What we pride ourselves on here at the website is only showcasing to you casino and gambling sites that are fully licensed and regulated, and as such when you sign up to and then go onto log into your account you will have the option of setting your own gambling limits.

A small pop up type window will be displayed on those sites when you do log into your account and select a game to play, or click onto the banking or cashiers interface, that will allow you to set the amount of money you wish to deposit over any given time period, and you may also be offered the option of choosing how much you are prepared to lose on that session and also how long you wish to play for and how long you want that session to last.

With that in mind we would encourage every player to decide in advance their own gambling limits and make use of those self imposed player gambling limit options, as that way you will never be tempted to continue gambling and making additional deposits if you have a bad run of luck, which let’s face it can happen from time to time.

By also ensuring each casino, slot site and any additional general gambling sites we showcase to you is fully licensed and regulated that does of course mean they will be operated to the highest of industry standards and if you do ever experience any problems playing at those sites there will be a way of getting your problems sorted out quickly too.

Self Exclusion

If you are finding that you are gambling in any shape or form too much, and you are no longer finding it fun and/or are experiencing losses that you simply cannot afford then there are many ways that you can seek help and assistance with that and any other type of gambling problem.

What you may be interested in doing if you simply want to have a break from gambling at one or more casinos or gambling sites is to do something called “Take a Break”. Most casinos and gambling sites will allow their players and customers to self restrict their access to their sites for any given time period, and that is something you should consider doing if you do simply want to have a short break from gambling.

However, if you are finding your gambling is getting way out of hand then it may be the time for you so “Self Exclude” yourself. Every single licensed and responsible gambling site irrespective of the type of gambling opportunities they offer will allow players and customers to self exclude themselves from their sites.

It must be pointed out that when you do take the self exclusion route you are going to have your account closed at any gambling site and also at any additional gambling sites that are owned by the same company.

Once you do self exclude yourself you will never be allowed to gamble at that site again and if you do try and sign up and gamble at those sites again you will have those newly opened accounts closed, and if you do manage to somehow make a deposit and gamble any winnings you achieve will be voided and your stake money returned.

At no point in time when you have self excluded yourself will you be able to make any type of profit gambling at a casino or other gambling site if you do manage to circumvent the self exclusion system in pace at any type of gambling site. In fact, some gambling sites now keep the deposits of players who have self excluded and have somehow managed to open up a new account and make a deposit and gamble at their sites!

Getting Help with a Gambling Problem

Never be too proud or embarrassed if you do have a gambling problem in regards to seeking help and support with that problem. You will not be the first person who has experienced a gambling problem nor will you be the last!

There are many charities and organisations that have been around for a very long time that are able to offer you free or charge and practical help and support to help you overcome your gambling problem, no matter how serious it appears those charities and organisations will be able to help you.

As such there are a few websites that you can and should visit right now if you do want to start the process of recovering from a gambling addiction problem and they include the GamCare website and also the Gamblers Anonymous website.

You will be able to read on their websites other peoples experiences in regards to their own unique gambling problems and how they overcame them, but you will also be able to speak to someone either online or on the telephone anonymously, or you can attend meetings and support groups where other members of those groups will be able to offer you help and support in person.

If you currently are living with someone or may be in a relationship with someone who does have a gambling problem then help and support is available to you too to help you address their problems and get help for them.