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A Full Guide To Playing Random Progressive Jackpots

As long as you always keep in mind that when you play any type of progressive slot machine the chances of you winning those types of ever growing jackpots are very low, then you will never be too disappointed if you do to actually win one of them!

However, as a player of Progressive Slot Machines what you are often faced with having to do is to play for maximum stake spins to have any chance of winning a progressive jackpot, as most types of progressive slots only ever award their jackpots to maximum stake players.

You can therefore often find when playing such slots that by putting into play maximum pay-line spins, and having to play with the maximum number of coins in play and often with the coin value settings being fixed and not adjustable they can be rather expensive slots to play.

There is however a type of progressive slot that are going to give you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot irrespective of the stakes levels you play for and often irrespective of the number of pay-lines you activate too and those types of slots are collectively known as Random Jackpot Slots.

When playing such a slot at the end of any base game spin you could either be randomly awarded with a progressive jackpot or you could randomly trigger some form of bonus game, that once you have played it off you will be guaranteed of winning one of the progressive jackpots attached to that slot!

As such those types of Random Jackpot Slots are exciting yet cost effective slots to play when you want to have a fair and reasonable chance of winning big!

Jackpots Awarded Via the Base Game

If you want a fun filled and fast action type of slot playing experience and one, that could with some luck in playing your chosen slot machine, result in your winning a huge amount of cash in a no nonsense type o way then be on the lookout for slot game offering a random jackpot via its base game.

Those types of slot machines allow you to play them for a range of different staking options so they are very suitable for high stake or low stake players and everyone in between and when you play off each spin of the chosen slot irrespective of the stake levels, at the end of any one spin you could then be randomly awarded with the jackpot displayed on the screen.

In fact, you all come across quite a number of random jackpot slots that can have more than one progressive jackpot on offer, and as such the more jackpots on offer the more chances you will have of winning them when playing them!

It does of course however go without saying that the random jackpot slots that have the smaller jackpots on offer as opposed to jackpots that can and do grow to some mega amounts are going to be the ones that do award their random jackpots much more often, so be on the lookout for those types of slots to increase the chance of you winning such a jackpot!

random progressive jackpots

Random Jackpots Won By Bonus Games

There are some slot machines that will award their randomly warded progressive jackpots by a randomly awarded bonus game, and as such when you do trigger such a bonus game you are guaranteed of winning any of the different sized progressive attached to the slot machine.

The range and type of bonus games you may get to play off to find out just which progressive jackpot you have won can and do vary, however by knowing in advance that one of the progressive jackpots attached and on offer on such a slot will be won by you once that bonus game has been trigged is going to give you added excitement as you play it off.

There are some random jackpot slot machines that have a wheel spinning type of bonus game, and when triggered you simply have to send the bonus wheel spinning by clicking onto a spin button and then sit back and watch as the wheel slows down and stops after it has spun several time, and the segment of the wheel facing the win arrow when it stops will be the jackpot you win.

There are also a range of random jackpot slots on which a pick and match type of bonus game can be awarded to you completely at random, and when playing off those bonus games you need to get a set number of machine progressive jackpot log symbols revealed on the locations you pick off the bonus game screen to discover which progressive jackpot you will then be awarded with!

Optimal Playing Strategy

As the jackpots are obviously awarded completely at random there is one playing strategy that we have come across that a great number of online slot players do tend to adopt when playing these types of slot machines online, and some players have had varying degrees of luck when using this strategy too.

How those players will set about playing random jackpot slots is to utilize the auto play option settings on offer one such slots, and will then set the slots to play with just one single pay-line activated and will set the coin levels down to the lowest one available which is usually 0.01.

Next they will simply set the slot to play off literally thousands of spins via the auto play setting and will then wander off and busy themselves doing something else whilst those spins are playing off and then return to the slot later on to see if they did win.

By playing in this way each player will then have thousands of chances of winning the randomly awarded progressive jackpot or one of them if there is more than one on offer on such a slot and will not have paid a small fortune to do so, as each spin is of course just costing them one single penny!

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