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Networked Progressive Jackpots

Have you ever wondered how progressive slot machines work and operate? Well, one thing that you will have bound to have noticed if you have been looking around our website is that there are now no shortages of very differently structured Progressive Slots that you can play in any playing environment. 

The way in which the jackpots can and are won on different slots offering one or more progressive jackpots can be different on each slot you play, but there are some slot machines that you will come across that are known as Networked Progressive slots. 

Those types of slot machines have jackpots that are fed from the stakes of players playing in not just one single casino site, instead they are networked together at every single online, land based or even mobile casino site that offers the same type of slots. 

As such what you are always going to find when you play a Networked Progressive Slot is that the value of the progressive jackpot or jackpots tend to increase very quickly as there are going to be more players playing them, than would ever play a slot available at just one single casino site or venue. king cashalot progressive slot

However, you have the exact same chance of winning one of the jackpots attached to these types of slot machines no matter where you play them as long as you play them in the way that does have the jackpot element of the slot in play on each spin you play off, such a with maximum coin spins in play or when playing maximum pay-line spins. 

Are Networked Progressive Slots Set with High RTP’s? 

One aspect in regards to the design of any type of Networked Progressive Slot machine is that sadly they do tend to be the slots with very lowest of payout percentages

For due to the fact that a small percentage of your are stakes feeding the jackpot pools when you remove the jackpot payout part of the game from the slots playing and paying structure and format the base game payout percentage tends to be much lower than is on offer on other types of slot machines. 

But as long as you do know that unless you win the progressive jackpot these types of slot machines may not give you as much play time as when you play other slot machines you will always find them exciting to play.  

There can also be a range of bonus games and bonus games that can be awarded to you when playing such slots, so try and play those bonus game awarding progressive slots as they can be just as high paying as any other type of slot machines, even if you never win one of the progressive jackpots.  

But always make sure you have the jackpot element of the slot activated by playing it in the way shown on the pay table to ensure you never miss out on the jackpot payout! 

How Much Does Each Spin Cost? 

It will be the number of pay-lines you can activate, along with the coin value settings and also the number of coins that you can wager per line as to just how much you will be charged for each progressive slot machines spin you play off. 

However, keep in mind that some slot machines are designed in such a way that the only way you will have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot is by activating maximum bet spins, failing to do so may see the  progressive jackpot not being in play on each lower stake spin you play off. 

The pay table of each progressive slot is where you will find the details in regards to how you can win a progressive jackpot or one of several different progressive jackpots if there is more than one of them on offer. 

With that in mind when you do come across a Networked Progressive slot you may never have seen or played before the very first thing you should look at is the pay table of that slot.  

Also, with you having access to a huge and often ever growing number of these types of slot machines, keep in mind that the stakes you can play them for will vary from machine to machine, and you are likely to come across some progressive slots that offer you the chance of winning a jackpot no matter at what stake you do wager per spin! 

networked progressive jackpots

What is the Best Way to Play Networked Progressives? 

If you do fancy playing any type of Networked Progressive slot machine then keep in mind when playing them that those that have been around for many years will have something of a track record in regards to the average amount of cash the jackpots do tend to pay out to winning players. 

As such you will be best advised to turn detective and find out what the average jackpot payout is, and then only ever start playing such slots when the jackpot has reached that value and is growing in size above its average jackpot payout amount. 

Whilst it is true to say that these types of slot machines can and will award their progressive jackpots at any moment, you are much more likely to win an overdue jackpot than you are a jackpot that is low in value, those being slots that have very recently paid out their jackpot! 

Also, some progressive slot machines may offer a jackpot that is guaranteed to be won before they reach a certain value, and it goes without saying that if the current values of those jackpots are very close to their guaranteed hit by amounts those are the slots worth playing, as those jackpots are guaranteed to payout sooner rather than later. 

Just keep in mind, that Networked Progressive slot machines can have some huge jackpots, and the actual odds of you winning one of them is huge also, so never get too downhearted if you never win one of them!

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