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The Mathematics of Payout Percentages

You may not be very good at mathematics, and if that is the case you may not have a full understanding of what payout percentages are and how they can, and most certainly will affect just how much you can win when playing any type of slot machine. 

With that in mind we shall now explain to you how payout percentages work and also how you are going to be able to very easily work out the payout percentage you have achieved on any slot playing session you have had. 

A payout percentage or RTP as they are often known as is the amount of cash, displayed as a percentage, that any slot machine is expected to pay back to players over their long term play based on the amount of cash they have played through on any slot machine. 

Therefore if you have chosen to play a slot game offering a payout percentage of 96.50%, then over your long term play (not your short term play) that slot machine will return to you via winning payouts £96.50 for every £100 you play through that machine. 

Be aware though that when playing for a short amount of time the payout percentage that you achieve on any slot machine is going to be much higher or lower than, in our example, 96.50%. 

However, over the long term you will find the payout percentage displayed on a slot machine is what you will achieve, you just never know over what period of time and how many spins it will take you to achieve that RTP! 

An Easy Way to Work out Single Session RTP’s 

It doesn’t matter if you play an older styled classic slot machine or one of the very latest brand new types of video slot machines the way in which you can and will be able to work out the single session payout percentage you achieved playing any slot will always be the same. 

You will need to keep track of the total amount of cash you gambled on that one slot playing session and also keep a careful note of every single winning payout that was credited to your credit meter. 

Once you are fully aware of those two figures, you simply have to divide the total winning payouts by the total stakes you wagered.  

However, if you do so and the figure that you get, once you divide the stakes by the winning payouts results in one that begins with “0.” then just remove the zero and that decimal point and the first two numbers you have left are the RTP of that single session, for example 0.983637 become 98% after remove the zero and decimal point and also remove any digits after the first two digits remaining once you do so. 

If the figures you arrive at begin with anything other than “0.” such as 1.873748 just remove the decimal point and the figures before that decimal point and the two that are after it will be your payout percentage, and in our example that would be a payout percentage of 187%. 

Which Slot Machines Have Higher Payout Percentages? 

Online and mobile casino sites tend to offer the same long term expected payout percentages on their slot machines no matter how you choose to play them, however land based bricks and mortar casinos often have increased and higher payout percentages on offer on their high roller slot machines those being of course the ones you can play for higher stake amounts. cash crazy slot screen shot

It can also often be the case when playing in such a venue that the brand new slot machines that have only recently be wheeled out onto a casinos gaming floor have the highest payout percentages on offer on them. 

Those casino increase the RTP’s of their new slots to give players more play time on them and get used to the way they play and pay but then often drop the RTP’s down once the machines have become established on their gaming floors. 

One other thing to keep in mind when visiting such a venue is that the slot machines that are positioned in the high traffic areas of a gaming floor, such as near the entrance, dining venues and elevators can often be much better paying slot machines with higher payout percentages. 

With those machines being in prominent positions they will be observed by more potential players, who are more likely to be enticed into playing slots when they see them paying out well and more often than some other slot machines! 

How easy is it to Locate RTP Information? 

There are plenty of places you can look up the payout percentages of any type of slot machines available in any playing environment. However, the best place to look for such information is on each individual slot machine. 

That way you will know the RTP is correct and valid and will be on offer on that particular slot machine, for much more so when you are playing at land based casinos the RTP’s can be adjusted and altered by casino operators, so whilst the payout percentage can be high in one casino on one slot another casino could be offering lower payout percentages on the exact same slot. 

However, when playing at most online casinos the operators of those sites have no way of adjusting the payout percentages on their slots, but some of them do! With that in mind a quick glance at the pay table or help files of most online and mobile slot games will reveal the expected long term payout percentage 

If that information cannot be found then look on the website of the casino you are thinking of playing at, if that information is not found in any of those places however then it may be advisable to not play at that casino at all. 

For with no published and also just as importantly independently certified payout percentages displayed, you will never know just how high, or just how low the RTP’s are going to be on any slot games you play, and slot machines could be set to some low and unappealing payout percentages!

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