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Making The Most of Penny Slots

It is always going to be the size of your bankroll that will ultimately determine just which slot machines you can play, and if you are a slot player who only has a small modestly sized gambling budget then you will often find yourself making a beeline to play penny slot machines. 

A penny slot is one on which you are able to set the coin value settings down to a minimum of just 0.01, and will also have the option of putting into play as many or as few of the pay-lines attached and on offer on a slot game as you want to have in play. 1p

One aspect of playing penny slots is that due to the way they are designed you could end up playing them for some fairly high stake amounts if you do not set the pay-lines, coin values and the number of coins you wager per line per spin to suit your own preferences, so make sure you always do configure such slots to play off for the stake levels you want to have in play! 

Also, be very careful when playing such a slot, for often the Max Bet button is located near to the spin button, and if you click on the Max Bet button by accident the slot will then send a spin into live play on the maximum stake per spin, which in some instances can be as high as £5.00 or £10.00 per spin! 

As the vast majority of online and mobile slot games do come with penny staking options, below you will find listed several different slot machines that we think are going to be the best ones to play for very low stake amounts, for the reasons also listed below. 

Low Stake Classic Slots 

Classic slot machines can and do offer players a basic type of playing structure, and as such as there are rarely any type of bonus games or bonus features waiting to be triggered you can play off a very large number of base game spins when playing them. 

Plus, with there being usually only one or a handful of pay-lines then need to be activated when playing classic slot machines and as you will often find you can set the coin values down to as low as one penny then these may be the ideal slot machines to play if you want to play off a very large number of spins but spins that are not going to gobble up your bankroll too quickly! 

However, we do know that many slot players are seeking excitement and entertainment when playing slot machines, and as such if you do want to play some of the modern day video slot machines on which bonus games and bonus games can be trigged then there are of course plenty of those types of slots you can play instead. 

Keep in mind though that when playing a video slot with just one pay-line in play you will have a much reduced chance of winning as opposed to when you play them with every single line activated that is on offer on the slot. But classic slot machines being slots with usually one pay-line do offer a much fairer playing structure to penny slot players. 

Consider Playing Fruit Machines 

A Fruit Machine is a type of slot machine that is commonly found in the United Kingdom, and the way in which they differ quite noticeably from all other slot machines is that they have lots of frequently triggered and awarded bonus games and bonus features. 

As such you never need to have a huge bankroll when playing them to get lots of exciting and entertaining slot playing sessions and playing sessions that do see you being awarded with more than enough bonus games and bonus features. 

What is fairly common in regards to the way the vast majority of fruit machines have been designed is that they tend to have three stepper reels and when playing them there is only one pay-line that you need to activate and put into play. 

As such as you are able to set them to play for low stakes coupled with the one singe pay-line you will never be forced to get stuck into playing them for too high a stake level. There are also some fairly large and impressive jackpots on offer on these types of gaming machines so do not think you are not going to have the chance of winning big as you may just do. 

One final thing to keep in mind about fruit machines is that the payout percentages on offer on online and mobile fruit machines tend to be much higher than are on offer on this type of gaming machine that you may stumble upon in a land based gaming venue! 

Best Penny Progressive Slot Machines 

If you do want the best chance of winning big when you are next in a slot machine playing frame of mind, but you are not in possession of a huge bankroll then you should consider playing some of the many different types of progressive slot machinespenny slots

It is of course a very well known fact that your chances of winning a progressive jackpot can be very low however there is one category of this type of slot machine that does give very low stake players even penny players the chance of winning a large progressive jackpot. 

Those are the slot machines known as random jackpot slots, when playing them in any playing environment the jackpots are designed to be won at random either via the bonus games on offer on them or at the end of any base game spin. 

So make sure that the next time you do set about playing progressive slot machines you actively seek out those slot offering randomly won progressive jackpots as they are going to be perfectly suited to players who do want to play for pennies as opposed to playing for very high stake amounts!

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