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Low Variance Slot Machines Explained

Before you next sit down to play slot machines, ask yourself just what type of playing session you would like to have. You may want to have a long slot playing session and if that is the case you should consider boosting your bankroll by taking one of the many bonus offers available at some of our featured casino sites. 

However, you should also keep in mind that the way a slot machine has been designed is going to give you a much greater chance of having some much longer playing sessions, without you having to tie up your deposits with the often high pay through requirements as are often found attached to a casino bonus offer. 

If you do want to get more spins from your bankroll and therefore get some much longer slot playing sessions then you should be actively tracking down slot machines on which you are going to find something known as a Low Variance type of playing structure and format. 

The way in which such slots have been designed is that you are going to be spinning in many more of the lower paying winning combinations on the slot games pay table, and as such with more low valued winning payouts spinning in and being awarded to you that will in turn allow you to recycle your bankroll multiple times. 

Just keep in mind that Low Variance slots do not tend to have the mega paying jackpots on offer and often whilst their respective bonus games and bonus features do tend to trigger more than Medium Variance and High Variance slots, the value of the winning payouts you will achieve from those bonus games a bonus features tend to be low in value too! 

Choosing a Stake to Play For 

It is of course going to be up to you as to just what stake level you can play low variance slot games for, as they tend to all offer players fully adjustable staking options, and as lots of them give players the chance of increase or decreasing the number of pay-lines they activate each spin they do offer even more staking options. options

However, what you will often be best off doing when playing such a slot is to play it with every single line in play as the way the low variance playing structure does play out you will have plenty of winning spins, which should ensure you get a fully rounded playing experience. 

Keep in mind also that low variance slots may also have a progressive jackpot attached to them too and as such you could win a jackpot at any time when playing those types of slots, but it is important to know how the jackpot will be awarded to you and then play it in such a way that every single spin you do play off gives you the chance of winning those progressive jackpots! 

What Bonus Games Can I Trigger? 

One of the best aspects of playing any modern day slot machine is that when you spin in a certain number of scatter symbols or bonus symbols you will get to trigger and then play off a bonus game. 

In fact, there are now several slot machines that are available in all playing environments that can and do award a range of different bonus games completely at random, so you will never know on what spin you do decide to play off those bonus games will be awarded to you on! low variance slot machines

However, also take a look at the pay tables of low variance slot machines to find out how the bonus games are triggered and what they are, as some slot machines also offer players the ability of triggering multiple different bonus games when they are playing them. 

The value of the winning payouts that you will be awarded with when paying low variance slots and you have triggered and been awarded with the bonus games can be quite low in value, however those types of slot machines do tend to award those lower paying bonus games much more regularly than say medium and high variance slots do. 

So you should get plenty of fun and entertainment out of playing them and you will often find the length of your slot playing sessions are going to be much longer when you do pick out a range of low variance slot machines to play, so make sure you do select some to hem to get stuck into playing! 

Tips for Playing Low Variance Slots 

We often get asked what are the best playing tips and strategies that players can adopt when they set about playing a certain category of slot machine, and as such if you are thinking of playing low variance slots but want the best chances of winning then please do read on! 

If such a slot offers one or more progressive jackpots that are guaranteed to be won by players before they reach a certain amount then only play those types of slots when the current value of one or more of the jackpots is not far off their guaranteed hit by amount. As those slots will be paying out those jackpot much sooner rather than later and you may just win one of them when adopting that playing strategy! 

Also keep in mind that as the value of the payouts do tend to be low in value when you do play low variance slot machines if you do have a winning streak or manage to spin in a high paying winning combination or are awarded a large cash payout via any bonus games then you should stop playing there and then and lock in that profit. 

As you are also going to find some high valued bonuses at some online and mobile casinos which have low play through requirements attached to the bonus credits low variance slot machines may be the ideal ones to play in an attempt to try and get you to achieve those play through requirements!

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