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A Guide To Playing Medium Variance Slots

Slot machines that will offer you a playing structure that falls within the categories of slot games known as Low Variance Slots and High Variance Slots are not surprisingly known as Medium Variance Slots! 

They are the type of slot machines you will find offer you a good old mix of different valued winning payouts and are not low risk low variance slot games, however they are not as volatile and as very high risk as high variance slots. 

As such what you will often find when you are looking at just what variance is offered on slot machines in most playing environments is that the largest percentage of slot machines on offer at casino site or casino venue have been designed with a Medium Variance playing structure and format in play. 

Never think that you will not get plenty of play time from your gambling budget and bankroll when playing such a slot game and never think that you are not going to have the chance of winning big when playing such a slot either. 

For whilst Medium Variance slot machines do tend to award mid-sized winning payouts either from their base games or their bonus games and bonus features every now and then you could win big, it is all down to the exact type of slot and its unique design that you do decide to play and how lucky you are when playing Medium Variance slots as to just how high paying they can be.  

Below we shall highlight a few of the bonus games and bonus features that tend to be on offer on such a slot and where you will find those types of slot machines available and on offer too! 

Medium Variance Slot Game Bonus Features 

If you are looking for action packed slot machines to play do consider playing some of the Amusement with Prizes slot games, as those machines which are commonly known as Fruit Machines tend to award the most bonus games and bonus features of any type of slot machine! medium variance slot

However, as you are going to find many more video slots on offer in any casino site you sign up to and play at we shall take a quick look at what bonus features tend to be on offer on those types of slots. 

The most common bonus games on medium variance slots are going to be pick to win bonus games and free spins bonus features, the way those bonus games and bonus features trigger will usually be by you spinning in three or more scatter symbols, or by lining up on activated pay-lines a set of bonus symbols. 

One thing to keep in mind in regards to just how much you can win when playing these types of slots from their respective bonus game and features is that the more you wager on the base game the bigger and higher valued the payouts can and will become! 

What Stakes Can I Play Medium Variance Slot Games For? 

One question you may just have if you do fancy playing medium variance slot machines is how much per spin you will be charged when playing them. 

Well, the one main advantage of playing most slot machines these days is that players are often in the driving seat in regards to how much they can stake per spin, as most slots come with optional pay-lines, adjustable coin value settings and you often also have the ability of playing more than one coin per pay-line per spin too. 

As such, you can configure most medium variance slots to play for a stake level of your own choosing, however be aware that you are going to get more winning combinations spinning in when you activate and put into play the maximum number of pay-lines any slot machine has on offer! 

You will however also come across some slot machines that have fixed coin values and could also have a fixed number of pay-lines on offer, and as such you should avoid playing such slots if you do not have a large enough bankroll to allow you to play off a large number of spins, for you may just find your bankroll is diminished quickly when playing such slots! 

As you can also play online and mobile slot machines for free and at no risk you can now test out any slot machine you like the look of at no risk before playing for real money to determine if you do actually enjoy playing them! 

Best Winning Strategy for Medium Variance Slots 

Whilst you are always going to get more winning payouts over the long term playing medium variance slot machines which come with higher than average payout percentages, there are a few additional winning strategies you may be interested in adopting when playing such slots. 

One way to get more spins from your bankroll will of course be by you looking for valuable bonus offers, and there are plenty of casino sites with bonuses on offer. However, be on the lookout for those with very low play through requirements and bonuses on which there is no limits in place in regards to how much you can win when using bonus credits. 

Each slot is of course random, and as such there is no real way of knowing if any slot machine you start to play is going to be a slot on which you win on.  

However, if a medium variance slot you are thinking of playing has one or two mini progressive jackpots that are guaranteed to hit before they reach a certain value then there is one way of playing them to have more chances of winning those jackpots. 

That is of course by hunting around for such a slot on which the progressive jackpots are not far off the amount they are guaranteed to hit at, as those slots will be paying out those jackpots much sooner than a slot that has only just paid out those jackpot payouts!

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