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A Guide To UK Fruit Machines (Pub Bandits)

You are likely to come across a range of slot machines if you ever visit the United Kingdom or live there that are classified as being Fruit Machines, and these are usually quite low stake slot machines on which you find they have been designed to give you the maximum entertainment value. 

They can be designed in regards to their pay-line playing structures is a few different ways, but the vast majority of them will offer you three reels with just one single pay-line spread across the middle of those three reels. 

However, these machines are offcialliy known as Amusement with Prizes machines, and as such they come packed with bonus features and bonus games that ensure players do, as the name suggests, get plenty of amusement when playing them! 

Those bonus features and bonus games trigger very, very frequently, much more so than the bonus games and bonus features that are often found attached to Video Slots, and as such if you are the type of player who wants to get the maximum play time, coupled with the maximum value from your bankroll they are certainly slot machines you should be actively tracking down and playing. 

With that in mind below we are going to be giving you a deeper insight and overview of how Fruit Machines will play and pay and we will also be highlighting what you can expect to find on offer to you when and if you do decide to give these types of gaming machines a try.  

You will of course find them not only available in land based locations but you will also find them available in online and mobile casino sites too, and the casino sites we have listed throughout this website will be the best ones to play at! 

Hold and Nudge Features 

There are going to be lots of different bonus games and bonus features that can and will be triggered on any fruit machine you decide to play, however there are two bonus features that do appear to be on offer on virtually every single fruit machine, and they are the hold and nudge features. nudge and hold

A hold feature is awarded before you send any spin into live play and the buttons that are located underneath the reels will flash when this feature has been awarded. What that feature will let you do is hold any of the reels in place for the next spin.  

You are not obliged to hold any of those reels if you don’t want to, however if you do get two matching symbols or have just spun in a winning combination then that is of course the best time to hold the matching symbols or the reels that helped you form the winning combination. 

The nudge feature is also awarded at random by a fruit machine and when awarded you are able to move any of the reels downwards one position at a time, in the hope you will then form a winning combination. 

RTP’s of Fruit Machines 

The RTP of a fruit machine is the percentage of players collective stake money that is going to be returned to players over the long term, and every single fruit machine will have been designed in such a way that it will always be aiming to return that payout percentage over the long term. 

However, what is important to know is that many fruit machines that are located in land based venues can be set to play out with a very low long term expected RTP is place, and as such you could end up playing one that has a very low RTP! 

What we have noticed however that when you make the wise decision of playing them online or on a mobile device they do tend to come with much higher and much more appealing payout percentages than those fruit machines located in brick and mortar venues. 

As such if you do ever fancy playing this type of slot machine then what you should be doing is looking or the machines that are going to award you a much higher proportion of your stakes back as winning payouts over the long term.  

With that in mind keep your eyes peeled for any type of fruit machine that has a payout percentage of higher than 96% as they will be the very best ones to play, and there are going to be quite a lot of online and mobile fruit machines that do have a higher than average RTP on offer! 

Hints and Tips for Playing Fruit Machines 

Being a type of slot machine that can be played for very low stake amounts, then you will possibly find them very appealing, for thanks to the regularly triggering bonus games and bonus features fruit machines really are fun and entertaining to play, and with some luck in playing they can be quite profitable slots to play too! pub bandit slot

In regards to the best tips for playing them, be aware that every fruit machine is required to hit its set payout percentage over a set number of spins known as a play cycle, and as such you can play them in a certain way that will guarantee you win the jackpot eventually. 

Unlike standard casino slot machines if you keep on playing a fruit machine and losing, or forcing yourself to lose by taking for example the gamble feature every time it is awarded to you, or instead of nudging winning combinations onto the pay line via the nudge feature you nudge in losing combinations then when the fruit machine is nearing the end of its playing cycle, it will then be forced to payouts a series of jackpots or high valued winning combinations. 

If a fruit machine is nearing the end of a playing cycle and the RTP is has currently being paying out is not as high as its set payout percentage the fruit machine is going to do whatever it needs to do to get that payout percentage back up to its preset amount, which basically means you will get lots of high valued payouts or jackpot paying combinations spinning in!

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