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What are Fixed Pay-Line Slots?

One of the most exciting aspects of visiting a bricks and mortar casino or when playing online at a new casino site you have never played at before, is that you are going to come across plenty of different slot machines. Many of those slots you do come across will be ones that you have never seen or played before. 

When you do settle down to play any new slot some players will first consult the pay table to find out how to play it and what they can win or trigger by spun in matching reel symbols or via the bonus games and bonus features. 

However, some players never look at the pay table when playing a new slot machine and will simply start to play it in the hope they will win big from the base game or will trigger a bonus game that they have no idea of how it will play off or even how it is triggered. 

Irrespective of the way you do actually play slot machines what you should try and find out is how a slot game has been designed by way of its pay-line playing structure, and there are quite a lot of different playing structures in place! 

This guide has been compiled to give you an insight into how fixed pay-line slots work and operate and as such we would advise you to read through this guide as fixed line slots do offer players a great playing format and it is possible to win big when playing any of them! 

What Are the Benefits of Plating Fixed Pay-Line Slots? 

Fixed line slots are very similar to slots with have an All Ways playing structure in as much as you have no choice but to put every available way to win offered by the playing format of the slot machines that the designer has opted to build the slot around. 

However, the number of lines you will be forced to activate on any fixed pay-line slot will be much lower in number than those All Pays slots. The main benefit of playing fixed pay-line slot machines is that you are never going to miss out on a winning combination spinning in as you are required to place a stake on each line in play. 

It is however usually the bonus games and bonus features that are attached to such slots or special sets of reel symbols attached to them that will give you a fair and reasonable chance of winning big when playing such a slot. 

It will be reel symbols such as stacked or expanding wild symbols that you will often find on these slot machines and when you trigger one often found bonus game such as a set of free spins a high multiplier could be in play as it is playing off, so there is some very high win potential on those types of slot games! 

Are Fixed Line Slots Expensive to Play? 

As you are going to have to place at the very least one single coin on each of the fixed pay-lines on offer to you on any slot game, then it is very true to say that they can be more expensive to play than say slot offering optional pay-line playing structures and formats. fixed payline slot

However, as the coin values can and will be adjustable and you will also have the ability of playing more than one coin on each fixed pay-line they are certainly suitable for players to like to play for high stake amounts. 

Consider playing at a casino site that gives you plenty of high valued casino bonuses and of course casinos that have plenty of fast payout casino banking options, as when playing at such a site you will be able to increase the value of your bankroll by making use of those bonus offers and bonus credits and will get paid out quickly when you win too! 

You are of course going to be able to play any of the slot machines that are available at any of the casino sites, either mobile or online casino sites listed on this website for free, even the fixed pay-line slots, so you can always give them so no risk free play time to see if you like the way they play. 

That is also the best way to determine if you are going to find them affordable or too expensive to play. So consider having a few free play slot sessions playing a range of different slot machines as you will find plenty of them you do like! 

Best Playing Strategy to Adopt 

Now, if you are thinking of playing these types of slot machines then you will of course be interested to know which ways are the best ways to play them and the best strategy to adopt when playing them! 

There are of course going to be different payout percentages attached and on offer on any type of slot machine, so the very first thing you should do is make a note of which fixed pay-line slot machines have been designed with the highest payout percentages, and then play only those higher paying slots. 

Also, you should work out just how much you have available to play real money slots with on any individual slot playing session you have, and then divide up that bankroll by one hundred and fifty, the figure you then get is the one you should be playing these types of slot games for on each spin. 

By making sure you have at least enough money available in your bankroll to play off 150 base game spins at least then you will get a fair amount of play time from that slot machine but will also have a much greater chance of triggering any main bonus games or bonus features attached to that slot. 

More chances than you would have if you only played off a few spins that is! Also as mentioned above casino bonuses can and will give you more slot spinning play time when you claim them so do consider doing just that!

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