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Fixed Odds Slots

Trying to make sense of how each category of slot machine works and plays can take some time, for as there are now so many different categories of slot machines there will always be plenty of them you will come across offering a unique type of playing structure that you have never seen before. 

One type of slot game that whilst not as numerous as some of the other categories of slot machines are certainly worth checking out and playing are slots on which is offered a Fixed Odds playing structure. 

When you do see such a slot on offer what you are required to do is to look at the pay table of the slot and then decide just which of the winning combinations listed upon that pay table you think is go to be the one that will spin in. 

One of the pay table listed winning combinations is guaranteed to be spun in on every spin you play off and as such they are quite strategic slots to play, for you will also be given the option of placing a wager on any or all of those winning combinations! 

It is of course going to be the lower paying winning combinations that tend to spin in most often, however as these slots are random you will never know if it is going to be a low paying or high paying combination that spins in, which makes then fun to play slots offering a completely different type of playing structure, but one that many players do very quickly warm to! 

Stake Levels and Risk Levels 

One of the main attractions of fixed odds slot machines is that on every single spin you play off you are going to be able to put into play your own preferred level of risk. fixed odds slot

For you are freely able to select just one of the winning combinations listed on the pay table in the hope that the one you have placed your wager on is going to be the winning one that spins in. As the stake levels available on these types of slot machines are adjustable too then you can play them for some very low stake amounts or for some high stake amounts. 

However, if you do want to have the minimal level of risk in play then consider placing more than one wager on each spin you play off, you are going to have many more winning combinations spinning in that you have selected when you do indeed place more than one wager on a different winning combination than you would have when you pick just one. 

Keep in mind though, that as these types of slot machines are of course completely random, then any winning combination could be spun in on any spin you so play off, and it is not necessarily going to be the low valued ones that do spin in, as you could get lots of the higher paying ones spinning in on consecutive spins! 

Tips for Playing Fixed Odds Slots 

When you have decided to play  fixed odds slot machines what you should try and do is to enhance the value of your bankroll, as that way you will naturally be able to get more spins and more winning chances, and one of the best ways to do so is by claiming a bonus when you make a deposit. 

So consider claiming bonuses when you do fancy playing these types of slot machines, but ensure that the bonuses you do make use of and claim as ones that have a reasonably low set of play through requirements and that there are no maximum payout limits in place on the bonus credits you do claim. 

Also, be aware that much like any other type of machines all fixed odds slot game will have a payout percentages that they are aiming to payout to players over the long term, and you are much more likely to get more play time from your bankroll when playing the fixed odds slot machines that have been set with higher payout percentages as opposed to ones with low RTP’s! 

As you can also play this type of slot game for free and at no risk then maybe you should set aside a little bit of time to play them for free initially to get used to playing them and to see if you do actually like their very unusual playing structure and format! 

Ideal Slots for Bonus Credits 

One final thing to keep in mind if and when you do want to play these types of slot machines with bonus credits is that their rather unique playing structure does make them deal slots to play with your awarded bonus credits. 

As you are able to pick out and place a wager on as many of the pay table listed winning payouts then you can of course place as many wagers per spin as you like, and that could enable you to achieve the play through requirements attached to a casino bonus. 

However, as you are always able to pick and choose just which bonuses you can claim whether you do decide to use bonus credits is up to you and you alone. If you play these types of slots with your own real money credits as opposed to bonus credits then you are able to cash out your winnings at any time and will not be tied to any play through requirements. 

Sadly there are not that many casino sites that do offer players fixed odds slot machines however we have found that casino sites that utilize the Playtech gaming platforms do tend to all offer one of these types of slot machines. 

They can be fairly easy to spot by the way as they tend to be named after the casino site you are playing at, however there are some other slot game designers who have started to launch these types of slots so be on the lookout for them when playing anywhere!

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