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Different Slot Machine Pay-Line Formats

Gaining an in-depth knowledge of every single type of slot machine that you are likely to come across in any playing environment is important, for you will need to understand what exactly each slot machine is going to be offering you including how much each spin of any slot game is going to cost you. 

It is therefore with that in mind that we have compiled the following guide that is going to give you an overview of each of the many different ways slot game designers structure each slot in regards to the pay-lines. 

The pay-lines are of course what you will be hoping to spin in a set of matching reel symbols on, for by doing so you will then receive a winning payout based on several different factors. Those factors include the stakes that you are playing for, the number of matching symbols you do spin in coupled with the number of coins and the coin values that you have activated one each pay-line too! 

Never be put off playing slot machines if you have never done so before, for the pay-line playing formats and structures are not going to completely baffle you!  

In fact, simply read through this overview of each pay-line playing structure and also consult our individual guides on each of them, for there are some very unusual ways on offer on many slot machines that you will be able to form one or more winning combinations on each spin you do decide to play off! 

Optional and Fixed Pay-Lines 

Two common types of slot machine pay-line formats and structure you will readily find on offer in any casino site or venue are slots offering optional pay-line playing structures and slots machines on which there will be a fixed pay-line playing structure. different-slot-machine-pay-line-formats

When playing an optional pay-line slot you are more than welcome to select any number of the pay-lines on offer and put them into live play. However, when you are playing a fixed pay-line slot game you have no other option available to you other than putting into play every single pay-line such a slot has on offer. 

However, what you are going to be able to do when playing ether type of slot game is to alter and fully adjust the coin value settings and can often increase or decrease the number of coins that you wager on each pay-line on each individual base game spin.  

So it doesn’t really matter if you choose to play optional pay-line slot games or fixed pay-line slot machines you are always going to be able to set them for stake levels you can afford to play them for, but it is always going to be the case the optional pay-line slots will give you a much greater range of different staking options to suite your bankroll. 

Plus, if you decide to play at an online or mobile casino site you can also choose to play slot game of any description for free to see just which ones you do enjoy playing the most! 

Both Ways Slots 

If you make the decision of playing a slot known as a Both Ways slot when you play off each spin you can form winning combinations both ways across the slot games screen, as such you have double the number of chances of winning as the number of pay-lines you have chosen to activate and put into live play. 

There are however two different ways these types of slot machines can be designed, some of them will force you to have to pay an additional type of bonus bet to have the chance of forming winning combinations across the screen in any direction. 

However, some of the older styled Both Ways slots will not require you to have put into place an optional side bet for that extra way to win, and as such as a savvy slot payer they should be the slots you are tracking down and playing! 

Just make sure that if you do decide to play this category of slot machines that you select ones that you can afford to play for you will come across some very high stake slot machines but also ones that are always going to allow you to set the stake levels down low.  

In fact, you will find that the vast majority of video slot games and slots offering a Both Ways playing structure can be set to play for pennies so you will not need a large bankroll to play them in any playing environment. 

All Pays Slots 

We would suggest that you take a look at some of the newer types of video slot games on which when playing them you can have the absolute maximum number of ways to win in play on each and every single spin you play off. 

Those types of slot machines are known as All Pays slots and when you do set about playing them you can often have hundreds or even thousands of ways to win in play on each spin. What makes these types of slot machines highly playable is that if say you are playing a 243 ways to win slot you do not need to place 243 coins as the wager on each spin. 

As such there are going to be plenty of winning chances in play when you play such a slot but much more importantly they are very affordable slots to play, for you will often find that to have hundreds or thousands of ways to win in live play you are only required to wager 25, 30 or 50 coins per spin. 

There are going to be all manner of different and unique bonus games and bonus features that can be awarded to you when playing any type of All Pays slots and those bonus games do tend to take advantage of the maximum number of ways to win you have in play, so they can be potentially huge paying slot machines too!

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