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Cluster Pays Playing Structure

As soon as you have discovered the online and mobile slot playing environments, you are going to find lots of different slot machines available at casino sites that you may never have come across when playing in a bricks and mortar casino. 

As such we have compiled a huge and ever growing range of slot playing guides that are going to enlighten you as to how each of those unique and never seen before slot games play and pay. This guide is taking a look at slot machines that offer something known as the Cluster Pays playing structure. 

When you set about playing such a slot you will not need to spin in a matching set of reel symbols on any one or more pay-lines you have activated and put into play, instead you simply need to see formed on the slot games screen a cluster of matching reel symbols. 

Those reel symbols will need to be position on the screen in such a way that they form a cluster, that being a set of matching reel symbols that are horizontally and/or vertically positioned side by side anywhere on the slot games screen.  

The more matching symbols that do form a cluster the bigger the winning payout will become. One very noticeable aspect of a Cluster Pays designed slot machine is that there will be more in view reel positions on view on the slot games screen in fact often they can come with six video reels as opposed to the standard five reels most other video slots have attached to them! 

Can I Play for Any Stake? 

You are not going to have as much choice in regards to the stakes you can play Cluster Pays slot games for when compared to most other slot machines and slot games, as due to their playing structures and formats you will be required to pay a set number of coins per spin to send their reels spinning. 

That means they are going to be slightly more expensive slots to play if you are the type of player who plays for very low stakes, however if you like to play slot games for high stakes you will be able not only to increase the increment of coins you wager per spin but also increase the value of the coin values too. 

Keep in mind that it is often going to be the type of slot game variance such a slot has been designed as to whether they will be low or high risk slots to play, so always try and pick out a slot offering you the level of risk you are seeking from their playing structures before you set about playing this type of slot machine! 

However, there is always going to be the chance you could win big when playing such a slot, and it will be the number and the type of matching reel symbols that form a cluster that will determine just how much you do win! 

Where Can I play Cluster Pays Slots? 

We have seen slot games offering this type of playing structure available in all playing environments, and as such if you are planning on visiting a land based bricks and mortar casino in the near future you may just find a small selection of them available in such a venue. 

One company that has very recently brought out a Cluster Pays slot is NetEnt and they offer both an online and mobile gaming platform, so do consider playing at any casino site offering their range of slot machines. aloha cluster pays slot

When you do set about playing at a NetEnt software powered casino site online you will find that you can play all of their slot machines and other casino games via an instant play gaming platform and as such you will not have to download anything to play their games as they load and then launch into any type of web browser more or less instantly. 

However, if you want to play their slot or casino games on a mobile device then as long as your mobile device is a modern one with touch screen capabilities you will be able to play their games. 

Plus, you will also have the added advantage of playing those games for free, so consider doing so as that way you can play their Cluster Pays slots at no risk to see if you like the way the winning combinations are formed! 

Best Way to Play Cluster Pays Slots 

There are several different ways that you can play Clusters Pays slot machines or for that matter any type of slot game and get an increased chance of winning and the easiest way to get more winning spins over your long term play is to simply select the slots with higher than average payout percentages

That way you will get more winning spins appearing over your long term play and will get plenty of additional winning opportunities too! Also consider making use of the bankroll boosting bonuses than most if not all online and mobile casino sites give away to their real money players, for with more credits to play with you can also get more winning chances on those additional spins! 

Another good ways of playing Cluster Pays slot games is to start off playing for a low stake amount per spin, and then if you do get a few winning spins spinning in increase the stakes you are playing for gradually. The logic behind that way of playing is to try and take advantage of any winning streak you find yourself on! 

That is a good playing system to also use when you want to try and get some much larger winning payouts via any bonus game attached to such a slot, initially play off 50 spins on the minimum permitted stake and then increase the coin increments by one set of coins for another 50 coins and continue increasing the stake per spin one each additional 50 spins. 

What you will be hoping happens is that you trigger the bonus game when playing for a higher stake amount which could see you winning big from that bonus game!

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