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Classic Slots

Many decades ago, the very first slot machines that started to appear in land based venues were known as Classic Slot Machines, and the design of those types of slots were very basic, for when playing them you would only be able to wager one single coin per spin and would only have one single pay-line in live play, which was spread across the middle of the three reels. 

You would then simply need to hope that once the reels had stopped spinning on that pay line you had successfully lined up, from left to right one of the winning combinations listed on the pay table, and if you did you would then receive the associated winning payout with that winning combination. classic slots

Those Classic Slot machines did indeed prove to be popular and slots offering such a playing structure and format are still available in bricks and mortar casinos, and also at online and mobile casinos too. 

The main attraction of playing them is that they offer a very basic type of slot machine playing structure and one on which you are soon going to find out whether you have won or lost once the reels do stop spinning! 

However, as the years did tick by many slot machine manufacturers started to play around with and adjust that single pay-line, three reel playing format, and as such you will now come across quite a number of Classic Slots on which you can wager more than one coin on the pay-line, and there is often an enhanced jackpot on offer if you do play them with more than one single coin wagered on that single pay-line! 

Do Classic Slots Have Bonus Games? 

A traditional and original classic slot machine is not going to award you with any bonus games or bonus features as you are playing it, and as such the one thing you will find all of them have on offer is a very fast playing structure, and one not slowed down by you having to play off bonus games or bonus features. 

However, whilst classic slots do not give you the type of entertainment value as say fruit machines or bonus game awarding video slots you will find several of them may have wild multiplier symbols and those symbols will not only stand in for other symbols! 

By spinning in a wild multiplier symbol that helps you complete and form any winning combination they will then boost the value of that payout by the respective value of the multiplier value. If you like playing high variant slots and wish to play classic slot machines then look out for those that do boost those high valued wild multiplier symbols. 

In fact, some classic slots will have those types of symbols but when you spin in two of them the multiplier values are going to be multiplier together, so for example spinning two x3 wild multipliers and any other symbol will see that winning payout associated with the third symbol being boosted in value by 9 times its pay table listed payout. So do consider playing those slots is you want some exciting classic slot playing sessions! 

How variable are the Staking Options? 

As you are going to be able to play one, two or often just three coins on the one single pay-line attached to classic slot games you will find that the actual staking options on such slots are not going to be as wide and varied as when you set about playing video slot games. jack in the box slot

The lowest coin value settings are often 0.05, however if you do hunt around at online and mobile casino sites you may come across some classic slots offering coin value settings that may go down as low as 0.01 and as such you will be able to play those slots as penny slots. 

The maximum coin value setting however can and will vary depending on where you choose to play them and there can be some huge and enormous maximum coin value settings available, so high stake players will have plenty of slots that are designed as classic slots available to them. 

One thing that can and will vary however are the payout percentages on such slots, and if you are a high stake player then it is often the case that high stake classic slots with high coin value settings offer much higher payout percentages than the classic slots which have low coin value and staking options, so keep that in mind when playing any of them! 

How Should I Play Classic Slots? 

As you have just found out you can play classic slot machines for some very low stake amounts, or if you prefer you can increase the stake you are playing for and will find plenty of them do offer you some very high stake levels, so they are of course highly suited to all slot players. 

However, as there is no chance of be awarded with bonus games and bonus features on such slots, you will find that unlike say bonus game awarding video slots you will not be required to put into play a playing strategy that calls for you to put into play a large number of base game spins based on your bankroll to have a chance of triggering a bonus game. 

So one way we have found that will ensure every slot playing session you have playing such a slot is going to be exciting, is to adjust the stakes you play off each spin for! Start off with say a small stake in play and then increase the stake on the next spin then lower it down on the following spin and so on. 

Whilst you do run the risk of spinning in a high paying winning combination when you are playing for low stakes, you could also do so when playing on a high stake level, which will see you winning more than if you simply played for a set stake amount on each spin.

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