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Fixed Odds Slots

fixed odds slot

Trying to make sense of how each category of slot machine works and plays can take some time, for as there are now so many different categories of slot machines there will always be plenty of them you will come across offering a unique type of playing structure that you have never seen before.  One type of slot game that…

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Classic Slots

classic writing

Many decades ago, the very first slot machines that started to appear in land based venues were known as Classic Slot Machines, and the design of those types of slots were very basic, for when playing them you would only be able to wager one single coin per spin and would only have one single pay-line in live play, which…

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3 Reel Slot Machines


The original slot machines that started to appear all over the place many, many years ago were very basic ones, on which a player would insert a coin, pull the handle and then hope a winning combination was spun in on the one single pay line spread over the three mechanical reels.  However, as technology became more advanced, and the…

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