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The Art of Claiming Casino Bonuses

Tracking down and claiming only the best valued casino bonuses is an art form, and it is one that every slot player should try and master! When you understand how casino bonuses have been structured and designed then you will be able to easily spot the bonuses worth claiming and those bonuses that you should never ever claim! 

When you see a casino bonus advertised you may be tempted to make use of it, for by doing so if for example that bonus is a 500% deposit match bonus if you make a deposit of say £100 you will be given £500 in bonus credits, which will certainly give you plenty of extra play time. 

However, it is always the case that the terms and conditions and any additional bonus rules associated and attached to any bonus offer is going to determine just how valuable or not a bonus is, and with that in mind we have put together this guide to help you make sense of claiming bonuses and judging whether they are worth claiming or not. 

There are of course many different types of casino bonuses you are going to be able to claim, so below are the three most common types of bonus you will find available to you at various casino sites. 

We will explain to you the pros and cons of claiming each of them and will also enlighten you as to what will make one bonus much more appealing to slot players when they want not only more play time from their deposits but also more winning chances too! 

Play Through Requirements 

It doesn’t matter what type of bonus you choose to claim the bonus credits that you have been awarded with and have claimed will come with something known as a set of play through requirements. 

That is simply a figure that is used to determine just how many times you are required to play through your bonus credits before they are turned into cash credits.  bobs bowling bonanza slot

So for example if you have claimed a £100 bonus and the terms and conditions of that bonus say you have to achieve a 30 times the bonus amount play through requirement before you can cash anything out then you must place £3000 worth of wagers with those bonus credits. 

Obviously there are going to be lots of bonus playing slot sessions you have where you never manage to achieve that volume of wagers however sometimes you will be lucky enough to do so and once you have achieved the play through requirements you can then make a withdrawal of your winnings, if you have any! 

It is also important to keep in mind ha the type of slot machine you play may affect the chance of you achieved the play through requirements, so do think long and hard whether you will be playing the low variance types of slots or high variance slot games with your bonus credits! 

Maximum Cash-Out Rules 

There are so many bonuses available these days at all online and mobile casinos site that you may be very confused in regards to which ones are going to be the very best valued one’s for you to claim. 

If you claim a deposit match type of bonus often known as a reload bonus then as mentioned above you should ideally be looking for those that have a low play through requirement attached to them as you will have more chances of reaching the play through requirement if it is low in value! 

However, you should also ensure that when you claim any type of bonus including reload and deposit match bonuses or even no deposit bonuses or sets of free spins that there are no maximum cash out rules in place and attached to those types of bonus offers. 

When a casino does attach a maximum cash out limit on any of their bonuses then you are only going to be able to win a certain amount from those bonuses, anything over the cash out limit is going to be voided out by the casino, which could see a huge potentially winning payout being reduced in size to a fraction of its size.  

So always avoid claiming any bonuses that do have any type of maximum cash out limit attached to them as those types of bonuses offer very poor value! 

Slot Game Restrictions 

Often you will find that there can be some slot machines available at the casino sites that you have claimed a bonus at that you are not going to be able to play with your bonus credits, it is often the case that a casino site will not allow you to play any type of progressive slot machines with bonus credits, due to the way that players stakes feel the jackpots on those slot machines. 

You may also find that you are not going to be able to play for a certain stake limit above a certain amount when you are using bonus credits, so always make sure you are fully aware if there is a maximum stake limit in place on any bonus credits you have claimed. 

If there is a maximum stake limit in pace on any bonus offer you have claimed and you play off as little as one spin, even accidentally, over the maximum permitted stake level then any winnings you do make off that spin or when playing off your bonus credits as a whole can and will be voided by most casino sites! 

It is always important that as well as looking around for generous bonus offers at various different casinos sites you make sure you always read through completely all of the terms and conditions attached to each bonus you can claim.  

Every casino could have its own set of rules in regards to how you can use your bonus credits and falling full of any of those terms and conditions will always see your winnings being cancelled!

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