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About Us

We appreciate your visit to the website, and this section of our large and ever growing website is going to be giving you an insight into the team behind the scenes and also we will be giving you an insight into why we decided to launch this website too.

It was our passion for playing slot machines and the very obvious attraction of the Fluffy Favourites slot machine that was the main reason we decided the time was right to compile and put together this website.

However, as we trawled around the web looking at other sites it very quickly dawned on us that many of supposed slot game news and information websites were purely aimed at getting you to sign up to various different casino and or gambling sites, and didn’t offer any real and valuable slot game information!

We then set about acquiring a team of writers who both enjoy playing slot machines and also have worked in the gambling industry for many years, as we felt their experience would be invaluable in regards to compiling articles and guides that you, as a player really will find informative and will want to read!.

Below you will find a full and comprehensive overview of each of the different categories of our website that we invite you to read through and then visit the sections of this site you find of interest.

Also be aware that we do update this website very regularly and as such you should check back as often as you can do and possibly bookmark our website as there will also be some additional content you will find of interest and will want to read!

Slot Machine Structures

Slot Machines, Fruit Machines and Slot Games do of course come in lots of different shapes and sizes and you will also find that there are lots of different playing structures and formats attached to each slot you come across, in any type of playing environment.

As such a large section of the website is going to be introducing you to the different playing structures you will find attached to slot machines you will have the opportunity of playing in any playing environment, whether that be in a bricks and mortar land based casino or when playing at an online or mobile casino site.

You will find some very informative guides relating to for example optional pay line slots, fixed pay line slot machines and will also discover how the next general of All Pays and All Ways slot machines play and pay too.

Staking Options and Jackpots

One thing that every slot player is going to have is a slot playing budget or bankroll, and with that in mind we have paid careful attention to our slot playing guides and articles to ensure that we introduce all of our website visitors a range of slot machines that will suit their budget and bankroll.

We will be introducing you to a very good mix of both low stake slot machines a well as showcasing to you multi-denomination slot machines that you are going to be able to play for a stake level of your own choosing including for high stakes as a high rolling player.

One additional thing to keep in mind is that when playing at some of our featured online and mobile casino sites you will of course have the added advantage of being able to access and play the slot games on offer at those sites for free and at no risk, which is the best way to find your own personal favourites but without having to risk any of your own money doing so!

You will also find a good spread of slot machines showcased on this website that will be offering you different jackpots, including but not limited to fixed coin jackpots, enhanced jackpots and also all manner of different progressive jackpot paying slots too.

Slot Playing Tips and Strategies

Every slot machine you will come across will be random and as such part of the fun of playing them is that you could win big at any moment on any spin you playoff, however there is just a much chance you could lose when playing slot machines too, often rather quickly!

With that in mind we have put together lots of slot playing tips and strategy related articles that we do invite you to make use of and read through that will be passing onto you the very best ways you should play a range of different slot machines. To either increase your winning chances or to allow you to get more play time from your bankroll and not lose is too quickly!

New Slot Machine and Casino Site Reviews

As a slot machine player you will always be eager to find out just which slot machines have been wheeled out onto a casino gaming floor or have been added to online and mobile casino sites games menus, and as such we always offer full and very deep reviews of all newly launched slot games no matter where those slot machines are available.

Also, to allow you to judge for yourself in regards to which will be the best slot and casino sites at which to play at we have also fully review a range of different slot and casino sites, and will be keeping you fully updated with any brand new casinos or slot sites that have gone live.

Slot Variance and RTPs

If you are new to playing slot machines in any playing environment then please do make use of our articles that will explain how slot variance makes a difference in regards to how slot machines will play and pay out.

Also please do checkout our unique range of guides that will be explaining how slot machine payout percentages or RTP’s as they are also know can and will ultimately determine your winning chances and the length of your slot playing sessions when playing all manner of different slot machines