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A Brief History of Slot Machines

The very first slot machines were designed way back in the very late 1800’s, and that very first slot machine featured a set of reel symbols which were all fruit related. It was for that reason that many players now refer to slot games as fruit machines!

Every since that day the design of slot machines has changed ever so slightly, the very first slot machines boasted just a simple set of three reels which were mechanically driven, by players pulling on the arm of the slot to send the reels spinning, nothing like the modern video slots like fluffy favourites featured on our website.

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the first electro-mechanic slot games started to appear, however even then the slot games which were being designed still had three reels, however they were driven by small electric motors which proved to be much more reliable than completely mechanical slots.old style one armed bandit

In the 1980’s the way in which slot machines were designed began to change completely for it was in that decade microprocessors were becoming the in thing, and as such all slot machines produced would have a microprocessor controlling and also determining the outcome of each spin played off, instead of valves and relays!

The 1990’s marked a big change in regards to the way people could play slot games for it was in the early 1990’s that the very first online casinos were launched, one company who launched one of the very first fully downloadable gaming platform was Microgaming, who for reference are still going strong to this day.

The types of slot machines available online in the early days were simple to play three reel slots along with a range of slots which were designed as video slots but had no types of bonus games or bonus features.

As the new millennium came that is when we started to see some of the most advanced online slot games being designed and launched, both online and in land based gaming venues, the most played slot games by players switched from being the three-reel types of slots to the all singing and all dancing video slots.

The popularity of video slots was due to the fact that they started to have more advanced bonus features and bonus games attached to them, and as such players could have plenty of additional chances of winning when playing them as soon as they triggered those bonus games and bonus features.

It was also in the new millennium that we started to see some slot game designers such as Playtech and Microgaming launching the very first mobile device compatible slot games. Obviously the very first mobile gaming platforms were nowhere as near as advanced as they are now, but slowly but surely the mobile gaming platforms did become advanced.

Currently as a slot player you will have lots of different ways to play slot games, and the bonus features and bonus games, the design and structure of the slots and also the way you can configure slot machines has changed from all recognition.

One thing that has probably changed for the better over the years is that the payout percentages on both online and mobile slots have become much higher than are on offer on land based slot games.

That does of course mean as an avid slot player you are always going to be getting the best slot playing value and the best returns from your stakes when you choose to play slot games either at an online gaming sites whether a casino or bingo site. Or when you play slot games on your mobile phone or tablet device!

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