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3 Reel Slot Machines

The original slot machines that started to appear all over the place many, many years ago were very basic ones, on which a player would insert a coin, pull the handle and then hope a winning combination was spun in on the one single pay line spread over the three mechanical reels. 

However, as technology became more advanced, and the years ticked by the design and way that slot machines played and paid began to change, and from those original Classic Slot Machines as they were known were spawned some slightly more advanced slot game. 

What you will find being offered to you on some of the many 3 Reel Slot Machines that are available in land based casinos, online casinos and the next generation of mobile casino sites is a playing structure that will allow you to activate more than one single pay-line per spin. 

As such, if you have only ever played Classic Slots but want to have a slightly more advanced playing structure in place on your slot playing sessions, but want to stick to playing basic playing slots then you should consider playing 3 Reel Slots as opposed to the older styled Classic slots

One of the main advantages of playing a 3 Reel Slot Machine offering more than one pay-line is that the value of the jackpots on the high numbered pay-lines when spun in, can be much higher in value than when you spin them in on pay-line number one. 

In fact, some 3 Reel Slots now have enhanced payouts in place on their pay tables for spinning in a jackpot paying combination on the highest numbered pay-line! 

What is the Appeal of a 3 Reel Slot? 

It has to be the simplicity in regards to the way you will be playing 3 reel slot machines that will appeal to some players, for you will rarely find any of the more complicated bonus games and bonus features attached to them, so you basically need to spin the reels and nothing else to find out if you have won or lost! 3-reel-slot-machines

The payout percentages can vary on such slots, and one thing that we always recommend any real money slot player does is to find out what the payout percentage is on any slot they do like the look of, and if it is not over 96.00% then don’t play it. 

Keep in mind if the higher numbered pay-lines do offer an enhanced and higher valued jackpot than are on offer on the lower numbered pay-lines then you should play them with all pay-lines activated as you will only be kicking yourself if you do spin in the highest valued winning combination but it is not on a pay-line you have activated. 

Some of these types of slots may come with Wild Multiplier symbols and as such when spinning in those symbols that help form a winning combination your payouts can and will be boosted in value. 

Which Casinos have plenty of 3 Reel Slot Games? 

Due to 3 reel slot machines still being popular with slot players now as there were many years ago, you are always going to find a very good mix of them available in any casino venue or casino site you play at. 

When you play at any online casino sites you will find around five to ten percent of the slot machines on offer at those sites tend to be 3 reel slots, as will the number of slots be on offer with such a playing structure when you play at a mobile casino site. 

However, sadly the number of brand new and recently launched 3 reel slot machines is in decline these days as it is the video slot games that the modern day player does enjoy playing, and as such slot machine designers tend to concentrate their efforts of bringing out brand new five reel video slots instead. 

On a recent visit to Las Vegas we did find some newly launched 3 reel slot machines and we found that those slots did have a large number of pay-lines on offer, much more than the usual three and five pay-line options.  

Plus, those slots can award much more adventurous bonus games too, so if you do fancy playing such slots then always take a good look around the gaming floor of any bricks and mortar casino you have chosen to visit as there is a good chance you will find some rather more exciting 3 reel slots to play. 

Tips for Playing 3 Reel Slot Machines 

You will need a tad of luck when playing 3 Reel slots, or in fact any type of slot machine, but as you have found out above it is important, if any of those types of slots you play have multiple pay-lines on offer with enhanced jackpots you must always play maximum pay-line spins! 

Also, track down and play the slots offering higher than average payout percentages, for we have seen some online and mobile slots that offer a 3 reel playing structure offing long term expected payouts of 98% and higher, and those will be giving you much longer slot playing sessions. 

If you are worried that playing such slots with every single pay-line activated is going to force you to play for too high a stake level, simply look for a multi-denomination slot, for that way you can set the coin values to ones you can afford to play for. 

Most online and mobile casinos give slot players some of the most generous bonus offers and we have yet to see such a bonus that cannot be used on 3 Reel slots, so always be prepared to sign up to casinos that do offer generous slot bonuses. 

Generous slot bonuses are those which give you the highest percentage of your deposited amount as bonus credits, have the lowest possible play through requirements and also the ones with no maximum cash out rules and no rules stating you can only play for a small stake when playing off your bonus credits!

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