Slots in Macau (Trip Report)

July 20, 2015 Posted in News and Advice by No Comments

So, after a trip to Macau and time spent playing in the worlds largest casino, The Venetain, we spent quite a lot of time playing land based slots and also visited a range of casinos, however, sad to say that Fluffy Favourites was not among any of the slots we came across as it’s really only available online. However, it was a spectacular place and is a bigger gambling destination than Las Vegas and also pulls in more money, something which many people are not aware of. The Venetain is simply huge, like a city in itself with a simply awe inspiring layout of every casino game imaginable.

main lobby at venetian casino macau

Made up of 4 main gaming areas and boasting around 4,000 slot machines it’s really easy to get lost, especially if you’ve consumed a few of the free alcoholic beverages on offer for players. The range of slot machines is staggering and you stakes start at 5 cents per spins (Hong Kong Dollars) up to mega stakes. Unfortunately we didn’t find that the slots were nearly as much fun as in UK casinos, catering more to the tastes of an Asian audience, many of our favourites were missing, though we did discover the Aladdin and the Magic Lamp slot where you have to be quick to physically rub the Lamp to help activate the bonus features. This was seriously fun and although we lost a not insubstantial amount of cash the enjoyment taken from it was well worth it.

One slot that we did recognise was the Wolf Run slot which we played for the 5 cent stake, although we knew the slot well it certainly isn’t one of our favourites by any means and we really did feel like we missed out on the best games out there. wolf run slot macauThere were Flinstones slots up and they looked like real fun but unfortunately they weren’t ready to accept players at that stage. hopefully on our next trip back there we’ll be surprised with some new games and some more that we are already familiar with and have played online. One thing we did discover was the Big Wheel game, very simple to play the wheel spins and you put your bets down on which number it’ll land on, it was a great way to rack up the points on our card that gives you credits for the wagers you go through, easy to break even over a long period of time you could simply grind out a good few hours and get a free night stay at the Venetian which would otherwise set you back a good couple of hundred pounds for even the cheapest of rooms (just don’t get your laundry done there, the price it costs you could literally buy the clothes brand new!)

slots at the venetain casino macau

We also visited Wynn casino which was also quite spectacular along with a few others such as the world famous MGM casino. statue outside the mgm in macauThese were nothing on the scale of the Venetian but still made for a good time with some spectacular light shows and amazing statues – the free drinks were a lot quicker to come too and you felt that there was a more personalized service feel to things there though the lack of English speaking staff sometimes made communication a bit difficult.

Again we were unable to find many decent slots and none of our favourites were there but still the overall atmosphere was fantastic and we highly recommend visiting as many of the casinos as possible – if you thought Las Vegas was the Mecca of gambling you would certainly think twice after seeing what Macau has to offer!

The picture opposite shows the stunning statue located at the entrance of the MGM casino, we didn’t spend that much time here but did manage to walk up up a few quid and a little worse for wear thanks to the free wine that seemed to keep flowing our way!