Secret Garden Slot

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What did appeal to us a lot when we first came across the Secret Garden slot game was its very unique them and the fact that all of the reel symbols did fit into the theme, which if you haven’t worked it out yet is that so a secret hidden away garden!

Playing slots that do have a completely unique theme and not just the standard playing card reel symbols attached to their reels will ensure you get a very unique slot playing experience however there is much more to this slot other than just unique reel symbols.

You will be best advised to read on for below we have put together a full review of this slot along with a list of all of the unique aspects of playing it, and if you are seeking a slot offering a large number of pay lines we think you will love playing this slot for you are going to be able to activate and send into live play 20 paylines on a range of deferent staking options too so it will suit all players bankrolls for sure!secret garden slot logo

Bonus Games and Special Reel Symbols

Wild Symbols – A set of Duck symbols are going to help you form additional winning combinations when playing the Secret Garden slot game online for each of those symbols on all five reels act as wild symbols.

There are two different reel symbols that those Duck wild symbols cannot and will not stand in for and those symbols are the bonus game symbols and the free spins triggering reel symbols, but all other reel symbols can have their winning combinations formed with the help of those Wild Duck reel symbols.

Bonus Games – To ensure you get plenty of fun and excitement out of playing the Secret Garden slot game it has been designed with no just one bonus game but you could trigger two different bonus games on any base game spin you play off.

The first is a pick to win style bonus game which is triggered when you get enough of the bonus reel symbols spinning in as displayed on the pay table of this slot, and the other bonus game which may just be coming your way if you do play this slot machine online is a set of potentially very high paying reel spins!

Jackpot Payout – It doesn’t matter what stake level you are playing the Secret Garden slot game for the value of the jackpot paying winning combination will stay the same, and for reference that jackpot payout is worth a cool 5000 coins.

The Duck symbols are going to be the ones that you will have to line up on any activated pay lines to be awarded with that jackpot and you will of course need to get all five Duck symbols on such a payline to be awarded with that jackpot payout, so let us hope you do spin them in if and when you set about playing the Secret Garden slot game online!

RTP – You will always get plenty of play time if you do decide to play this slot for a fair amount of time as the designers have given it a very fair and reasonable payout percentage.

Always do ensure you know the RTP as the payout percentage is also known as before you play any slot as the higher the payout percentage the more winnings you will get paid out over the long term and for reference the payout percentage of this slot has been independently certified as by a high 95.80%!

Playing Tips

Irrespective of the theme of any online or mobile slot games you come across, one of the most important things you should be looking out for on any slot game you do decide to play or are considering playing is the long term expected payout percentage.

If you make the decision of playing a slot which does not have a high certified and fully verified long term expected payout percentage or RTP as it is known then that slot is going to eat up your bankroll very quickly.

As such our slot playing tip for playing the Secret Garden slot game is to make sure you compare the payout percentage of this slot to others available at the casino site you have chosen to play at, and if the payout percentages are higher on any other slot machines then you will be best advised to play those other slots and not play this one!

You will get more winning payouts over your long term play when you stick to playing only the very highest paying slot games, so make a point of lucky up that information on the pay table or help files attached to any slots you come across online!

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