Piggy Payout Slot

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There are not a huge number of slot games you will be able to play online that boast a farmyard theme, and whilst that may not be a theme that appeals to you there are a lot of additional features on offer on the Piggy Payout slot we think you may take a shine to!

This is a slot however that you will find available at many online bingo sites and as such if you do enjoy playing bingo and some of the side games and slot machines available at those sites you are going to find plenty of bingo sites that do have it on offer in their slot game menu.

The only way you will find out whether it is going to be a slot that will give you a fun and entertaining slot playing experience is to give it some play time online, which you are able to do at no risk as all bingo sites will let you play it with demo mode credits. Below is an overview of all of the unique things attached and on offer on this slot so read on to find out more!piggy payout slot logo

Bonus Games and Special Reel Symbols

Wild Symbols – You will notice something quite unique about the wild symbols in play on all five video reels of the Piggy Payout slot game and that is those symbols will double the value of every single winning combination they help to form!

However, being standard wild multiplier symbols there is one set of symbols they will not stand in for and they are the bonus game awarding scatter symbols, so keep that in mind when playing this slot!

Bonus Games – The Piggy Payout slot is one of a number of slot games that can and will award you with sets of free spins form time to time, however it is the number of scatter symbols that have triggered the bonus game that will determine just how many free spins you will get to play off however you need to get at least three of them in view to be awarded with free spins!

A second bonus game is also on offer and that is a pick to win styled feature game, checkout the pay table of this slot when playing it to discover how those two quite different bonus games are triggered and awarded to you!

Jackpot Payout – You will find a very good mix of Farmyard Animal and playing Card reel symbols in play on the reels of this slot game and it is the former mentioned reel symbols that do award the bigger winning payouts.

However if you are wondering just which symbols need to spin in to award the jackpot payout it is the Cow reel symbols, and when you do get all five of those Cow reel symbol on an activated payline you will be rewarded with a jackpot payout worth a rather respectable 5000 coins in total!

RTP – If you are now looking around for a site at which to play the Piggy Fortune slot game at then make sure you check out some of our featured and showcased sites as each of them will offer you some form of bonus for signing up!

However, one important thing you should try and find but about any slot game that has caught your imagination is just how high the payout percentage is and in regards to the RTP of the Piggy Payout slot that payout percentage is set high at some 95.44%!

Playing Tips

As this slot game does have a lot of pay lines on offer, and way more that some other video slot games when playing it you do need to be aware of that fact when you activate all of them you will be playing for 25 coins per spin.

Unless you can comfortably afford to have all to those paylines in play you should not play this slot and instead pick one that will allow you to play it for a smaller stake amount but at all times you should play all of the optional pay lines any slot machines has on offer.

If you fail to put into play all of the paylines attached to any video slot machine you will reduce your chance of winning via the base game and will also get a reduced chance of winning big when any bonus games or bonus features have been triggered and awarded to you.

Keep in mind you can always play maximum payline spins but have the coin value set on a low one suchas one penny and as such each maximum payline spin will cost you just 0.25, so keep the pay lines at the maximum amount but activate the lowest coin value setting if you only have a small slot playing budget!

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