Mermaids Pearl Slot

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There are lots of different slot machines you can play online that have been designed by a company called Novomatic, those slot games come with all manner of different themes and are fully configurable slots, and one you may instantly take a shine to is the Mermaids Pearl slot.

One reason it may be a slot suitable for many players is that it has not been designed with a huge number of optional pay lines, and as such you only have a maximum of nine paylines needing to be put into play to have the ability of playing maximum payline spins.

So it can be a fairly cost effective slot to play when your bankroll has dwindled away, however you do have a fair chance of winning big via its bonus games and bonus features or via the base game.

The very obvious underwater theme attached and on offer on this slot is fairly unique looking and below we will give you an insight into all of its unique features to help you make up your own mind as to whether you will enjoy playing it or not, keep in mind you are always welcome to test it out at any site offering it for free!

Bonus Games and Special Reel Symbols

Wild Symbols – The Princess reel symbols are going to be your wild symbols when playing this slot game and as such those symbols could and probably will spin in on many different reel positions and will help you form a range of different winning combinations.

Just be aware that there are a set of special bonus scatter symbols mentioned below which can trigger a bonus game, however the Princess reel symbols will not stand in for those scatter symbols as they only stand in for all of the standard reel symbols as listed on the pay table of this slot!

Bonus Games – You will find that on a great number of Novomatic slot machines the main bonus game you can trigger is a set of free spins, and that is the case when you set about playing the Mermaids Pearl slot game online.

It takes three of the Treasure Chest scatter symbols to spin in on any reel positions for you to be awarded with a set of free spins and you will get to play off a set of 15 free spins when you do spin in three of those symbols anywhere in view on the slot game screen.

Jackpot Payout – If you are playing this slot and you on in all five of the Mermaid symbols on any of your activated and put into play paylines then you are going to be smiling all the way to the bank as that is the jackpot paying winning combination!

As such when that lucky day arrives and you do spin in that winning combination you will be rewarded with a 9000 on jackpot payout. Keep in mind those that the Mermaid symbols are also wild symbols too so they can also help you form additional winning combinations either via the base game or the free spins bonus game!

RTP – Novomatic slot games will always give you plenty of thrills and spills when playing the, but as there are so many of them now available to play online you should always try and pick out the slots offering by far and away the very highest payout percentages.

With that in mind the payout percentage that the Mermaids Pearl slot game has been designed to return to players over their long term play is a very respectable 95.21%, which may just be reason enough for you to give it some play time sooner rather than later!

Playing Tips

The Mermaids Pearl slot is going to be a great slot game to play if you only have a small limited bankroll, as with you only having 9 optional paylines to put into play and as you can play just one coin per line per spin and also as you can set the coin values as low as one penny, a maximum line minimum bet spin will only cost you 0.09!

However, keep in mind that you can slowly increase the number of coins you play on each of the paylines you have in play, and one tip and playing strategy you may be interested in learning about is to slowly increase the number of coins on all nine paylines when you have had a few large paying base game spins or high paying bonus game features.

By slowly increasing your stakes as you are winning you could continue to win and when playing for slightly higher stakes levels you will get higher winning payouts. However be prepared to lower the stakes down or stop playing if your winning streak stops!

Our Overall Rating

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