Makeover Magic Slot

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The Makeover Magic slot is a game which comes with something of a girly type of theme so if you are one of the many millions of women out there who do enjoy playing slot games this may be one to add onto your list of slot games to play.

However, if you are male we would certainly not put you off playing it for it has been designed to appeal to all slot players via its base game playing structure and the bonus games and bonus features that can be triggered and awarded to you when playing it.

This is a slot you are likely to find at online bingo sites and as such if you do find what you are about to discover about this slot to your liking those are going to be the sites you will more than likely find it on offer at.

Before we give you a complete overview of the way the Makeover Magic slot as been put together and strategies we should let you know it is a multi-denomination slot and one that has a total of 25 paylines on offer.makeover magic slot logo

Bonus Games and Special Reel Symbols

Wild Symbols – As is usually the case with bonus game awarding video slots when you do set about playing the Makeover Magic slot game online the wild symbols that are attached to the five video reels of this slot will not stand in for any of the bonus game awarding reel symbols.

As such those wild symbols which for reference are the Makeover reel symbols can and will only ever stand in for all of the standard reels symbols, and none of the scatter symbols which are mentioned in the section below.

Bonus Games – There are two different bonus games you may get to play off when playing this slot game and the first is a simple to play off but potentially high paying pick and win bonus game that is triggered via the Girlfriend reels symbols.

The other bonus game is a set of free spins, you need to get three of the Café reel symbols spinning into view before you will be awarded with the free spins feature game and when you are playing those free spin off you can re-trigger them by spinning in another set of three or more Café reel symbols!

Jackpot Payout – The jackpot that every player who does set about playing the Makeover Magic slot game will be looking and aiming to win is formed when you get all five of the Jewellery reel symbols spinning in on an activated payline.

The jackpot is worth 5,000 coins in total when spun in via the base game so even if you are playing this slot for the lowest coin value you could still win very big when all five of those jackpot symbols line up, but they do have to land on a payline you have put into play and activated before they will award those 5000 coins!

RTP –  To be able to get a longer slot playing session and to always get more winning payouts you should be on the lookout for slot games online that come with high payout percentages and the higher the payout percentages the better.

It is that in mind we do think you are going to want to play the Makeover Magic slot for it is a slot on which you will find a 95.44% certified payout percentage and that should ensure you do get plenty of winning spins appearing and spinning in the more you play this slot game!

Playing Tips

There are a range of player adjustable option settings available to you if you do decide to give the Makeover Magic slot game a whirl, and as such we shall now give you an idea in regards to what you are going to be able to adjust when playing this slot to get a much more tailored gaming experience.

The screen size is of course fully adjustable, however we would suggest you set about playing it with the largest screen size setting based on the type of device you are using to play it on, as that way you will always get a much more enveloping slot playing experiencing.

Also make sure that you turn on all of the volume and audio settings not only on the slot itself but also on the device you are using to play the slot game on, as the sound effects do add another dimension to the slot game.

One final thing to consider is that you do have the ability of using an auto play setting too, and as such if you want to sit back and watch the slot playing itself automatically then that is something you can very easily do!

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