Happy Mushroom Slot

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When you first see the Happy Mushroom slot game on offer to you at an online bingo or casino site it may not be a slot that jumps off your computer screen and screams play me!

The slot does look rather nondescript and you may get the initial impression it is going to be a rather boring slot to play however nothing could be further than the truth for it is a slot that has been designed to give you a fun and entertaining slot playing experience so we think you should consider playing it.

Below is a full round up and description of all of the main features of this slot, when playing it you will have the option of doing so for free and at no risk of you can choose to play it for real money.happy mushroom slot logo

No matter when or where or how you choose to play it you will be able to activate from one to twenty five paylines per spin and you will also have a range of different coin value settings on offer to you too so it can be a low or high stake slot to play.

Bonus Games and Special Reel Symbols

Wild Symbols – The Flower symbols will act as a wild symbols when playing this slot game so always be on the lookout for that symbols spinning in on any of the five reels of the Happy Mushroom slot game.

It will not however stand in for any of the two scatter symbols but one thing it will do that you will find appealing is to double the value of any and all winning combinations that it does help to form, including the already high valued jackpot payout too!

Bonus Games – Owl symbols are attached to the eels of this slot and those symbols are free spins awarding bonus symbols, and to trigger a set of free spins on which all winning payouts are doubled you have to spin in at eats three of those Owl symbols anywhere in view on the screen from a single base game spin.

There is however another multi-coloured Mushroom scatter symbols that can trigger an additional bonus game and when three of those symbols pin into view you will get to play off the Mushroom Adventure bonus game.

Jackpot Payout – There is a fairly large base game jackpots waiting to be won when you are playing the Happy Mushroom slot game and that jackpot is worth 5000 coins and is awarded when you spin in five of the Big Eared Character symbols on any activated payline.

However, as you have just found out above the wild symbol acts as a wild multiplier symbol that doubles the value of all winning payouts it helps to form and as such getting a wild symbols in that jackpot paying winning combination doubles the value of the jackpot to a much higher valued 10,000 coins in  total!

RTP – We are more than confident once you do give the Happy Mushroom slot game a fair amount of play time and have triggered its two different bonus games you will find it can be an entertaining and very exciting slot game to play.

One thing worth knowing however about this slot is that is has been designed to payout more of players stake money as winning payouts, as it has been designed with a fairly high payout percentage and the long term payout percentage of the Happy Mushroom slot game has been verified as being 95.061% so add this slot to your list of games to play soon!

Playing Tips

As the Happy Mushroom slot game is something of a medium to high variance slot that means when you are playing it there will be times when you can play off a large number of base game spins and won’t get any or many winning combinations forming.

However, its playing structure is such that quite out of the blue a high valued winning combination via the base game could be spun in or you could be awarded with a huge paying bonus game. Therefore one tip for playing this slot is to play it in such a way that you get plenty of spins from the bankroll you have set aside to play it for.

We would suggest you initially play it will all of the paylines activated as that way you will never miss out on a winning combination spinning in, but also set the coin values down to the lowest ones available that being one penny.

Even when playing the Happy Mushroom slot for pennies per spin you can win some very large payouts, and by playing it in that way your bankroll won’t be eaten up too quickly if you do experience a series of losing spins!

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